Tuesday, 1 October 2013


*inhales deeply, taking in that cool autumn air, and noticing it's not raining for once.*

Finally it's October! I look forward to this month like little kids look forward to Christmas. Fall is a little weird in Oregon to me, as I grew up looking forward to a multitude of colors changing on my leaves, the air biting at me so badly I need to pull out my leather jacket instead of an umbrella, and I sometimes see snow flurries instead of raindrops. The differences between Ottawa Canada and Oregon USA are very different.

Hey, who drenched my leaves?
To take my mind off of all this rain, I decided to open my FEARNET package I got in the mail a few days ago today. Wanna see some of the awesome things I found inside?

I was pretty excited when I found this on my doorstep...
Oh look! Some cool pumpkin carving stencils! Two up top are from Trick-or-Treat and the one in the bottom right is the Crypt Keeper! 
A FEARtober calander so you can see what Fearnet is playing all throughout October! 
I really love this cute Sam paper doll! And a bag of candy corn to choke - I mean- share with folks!
But this by far was my favorite thing in the package! It looks delicious! 
Thank you Fearnet for helping me start off my month right! Now I just need to make sure my movie watching queue is ready for the MADNESS, which starts on the 6th, and get my other Halloween schemes ready! *cackles and steeples fingers* Let the games begin.

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