Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I managed to get three movies in while working on my husband's costume for the Larp this weekend. Yes, I am going to miss a few days as I am leaving Friday. I am also going to miss BAD NETFLIX night, but I will be back to my Halloween Countdown and movie marathon by Sunday night. Please, if you got a Twitter and Netflix, join the Bad Netflix gang and have a good time.

Here are my movies picks for today...


Kweeny's Rating: Madness or Haunting?

I decided to watch a documentary about the Amityville Horror myth. The film follows one of the kids who survived the haunted house Danny, and he talks about his experiences with friends of the family. It's an interesting film, and leaves one with the question about how trauma of any kind effects us. He could be telling the truth about his step dad messing with supernatural forces, or he could be making it up. Either way it's an interesting documentary for the curious.

VISITING HOURS (103 mins/1982)

Kweeny's Rating: CANADIAN NASTY! 

Summary: This movie has appeared briefly on the 72 Video Nasties list. Not only that, but it has rape, it's a Canadian film and it features Michael Ironside and William Shatner! Pretty impressive little nasty movie too, and you can find it on Netflix!

THE SHINING (146 mins/1980)

Kweeny's Rating: REDRUM!

Summary: Well, I finally got my husband to watch it with me. And it was impressed, as he should be. He kept mentioning the beautiful cinematography, and I even noticed a little FULL FRONTAL NUDITY! Woo bonus points! Gotta love Jack Nicholson's performance too!

I think this would be the perfect thing to drink next time I watch The Shining...

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