Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I dub today the day of cannibals and tombstones. I am sure I will have another day of cannibalism movies, but today was made even more epic by sharing my love of old wrestling and The Undertaker with a fellow wrestling fan. I also got to introduce her to Cannibal Holocaust, which because she is a crazy person like me, she enjoyed and is now obsessed with finding out everything she can about the movie.

My work here is done.

Hopefully I can convince her to write me an article sometime for the blog, because I think it would be fascinating to read.


Kweeny's Rating: The Movie That Goes All The Way!

Summary:  Well, if you haven't seen this movie, I won't give too much away. It's a Video Nasty, instant points there, and it's well known for the infamy it brought upon those who made it. There is also real depictions of animal slaughter, among other horrible things. Not for the faint of heart to watch. but if you want a film that makes you second guess what is real or not, here you go. All the horrible things are in it, rape, cannibalism, nudity, slaughter of animals...the list goes on.


Kweeny's Rating: Dance for us bitch!

Summary: Well, I won't say Bloodsucking Freaks trumps Cannibal Holocaust because few movies can, but it's pretty sick in it's own right. Lots to get bonus points in. Seriously, there is genital mutilation (I mean the ending has a fully naked chick eating a guys dong) full frontal nudity, and other such things. It's one of the few Troma films that isn't done as a lark, even though there are moments of twisted humor in it. I love the introduction by Lloyd Kaufman at the beginning too.

And for the curious, I'm putting this in too. Plus, The Undertaker is so fucking Halloween that I will choke slam any bitch who argues otherwise...


Kweeny's Rating: Time for a CHOKE SLAM! 

Summary: They call this a documentary on The Undertaker, but really it's just a showing of many, many matches he wrestled, which makes it actually awesome in it's own right. I took a trip down  memory lane while watching this, remembering fondly how I used to be a huge wrestling fan while growing up. And I loved watching the many deaths and costume changes of The Undertaker, and I even wrinkled my nose up at Paul Bearer when I saw him betray the big lug. Epic times were had, and I think it was the prefect pallet cleanser.

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