Saturday, 1 November 2014


I know I haven't done many blog posts this year, but there is a good reason for that. This year, I needed to focus more on "playing". I usually can balance work and pleasure together during this holiday, but I have been having a really rough year. The blog has suffered for that, and more over, my personal life has suffered the most.

I almost didn't have Halloween at all for many personal reasons I won't get into here. But with the help of my friends who are amazing people who seem to genuinely love that the macabre and horrific make me so very happy. Halloween is a special time of year, and I celebrate all month long. I've been posting on some of my social media sites, so it's not like I haven't done ANYTHING:

For instance, I went to a pumpkin patch with my friend and carved some amazing pumpkins with other friends...

I really love pumpkin carving!

 Made this cute little beast for my girlfriend who's in India! She loves Halloween ALMOST as much as I do. I like that it both looks like a demon and a fox, and has a cute devious quality...just like she does. ;)

And my friend Cass made me a bitchen Punk-thulu! Even left for me as a prezzie to put out with the others! I have a pumpkin patch of my very own!

And my friend Cass made me a bitchen Punk-thulu! Even left for me as a prezzie to put out with the others! 

And dis is mah pumpkin RAWR!
Pumpkin family!
I have a pumpkin patch of my very own!

I also go some awesome gifts, like these sweet Beetlejuice inspired sleep pants, and other amazing stuff..

This should become a tradition! Frighttown is an awesome Haunted house experience! 
A little gift for the spiritual side of Samhain.

I had a friggen blood bath with my friend Megan for her Carrie White costume. This was her practicing for a party we are going to Saturday Nov 1st.We just got a LITTLE too excited about it:

My first attempt as Billy!

I went to a Birthday party on Devil's night for another dear friend dressed as Billy...

And then I finished my Halloween off right by watching SAW with my husband in theaters. I went to the 10 year anniversary showing of SAW...and it was AWESOME. Not only that, I went as a very familiar face. I think the more I do the make up, the better it becomes. I also literally scared the crap out of folks who saw me, and got huge props from fans who took my picture and talked to me.

I guess I really am a horror cosplayer now. :)

And of course, I spent the month doing the HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MARATHON MADNESS, and my team has been rocking it this year. I named our team Team Suzie, after the doll in the movie May. I love that movie. It holds a special place in my heart because my actual real middle name is May.

We were quite into the theme this year, hence my dressing up as Billy, and we had a lot of fun. I think my team might have had too much fun, because weird shit like this kept happening:
My team and the Head dolls. Yup, it happened. One of my team members made this and I have to give her credit for making my doll have fangs. ;)
So all things considered, I got A LOT of shit done! LOL! I just focused more on trying to have fun with Halloween, as my year had been so stressful that I just wanted to embrace my inner child and feed her all month long the candy of the spirit of Halloween. I got one more party tomorrow...and then it's done. At least the SEASON is done. Halloween will live on for me throughout the year of course. It's more than a holiday, especially for a horror fan like me. It's a way of life.
My decorations stay up ALL YEAR!

 Hope you all had awesome Halloween adventures too! 

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