Monday, 17 November 2014


One of the cool things about being a reviewer is when you get to check out new horror movies, merch and other assorted goodies. I feel really honored when people reach out to me and ask me to review their stuff, but I don't always have the time to do everything that I get asked to review. I always make an effort though if someone is willing to send me something directly, as I consider that payment. They made an effort to give me a piece of their art, and since they took the time, so will I.

And you guys know I need more horror decor in my life. Always.

I recently got a really cool bit of merch to review from Sick and Tiled. The company makes horror tiles of all kinds. Some are quotes you can mount on the wall (I got one of these as a gift from my awesome boss at Living Dead Magazine recently, and it's super cool) and others are like coasters, which is what I got in the mail.

Since I happen to have two of their products, each a little different from the other, I am going to discuss them both. First, I will discuss the quoted tile I got as a gift. The mount on the back of the tile is secured on tightly, so there isn't a worry it will fall off with bad glue or anything like that. And tiles themselves are made of solid marble, and glazed with a shiny finish. The quoted tile is clear enough to read and doesn't look lazily printed on. It's crisp and beautiful, and you can see in this photo the quality I am speaking of:

I really like the quoted tiles, and if I could, I'd have a few more around my house. But if I am honest with you guys, the tile that impresses me the most is this beautiful coaster replica of the Hellraiser Puzzle box:

Just look at how meticulously this was made! The puzzle box designs are not easy to replicate, as any fan would tell you. It's marbled and glazed as well, protecting the amazing detail put into the re-production of one of the puzzle boxes sides. I even love that it's a little rough around the edges. It gives the coaster character. I love this piece so much. Not just because I am a Hellraiser nerd, but because of how much love and attention to detail this artist put into creating the coaster.

Do check out Sick and Tiled's awesome site and Facebook page, and look at their huge collection of tiles. Wouldn't it be cool if you could buy an entire set and cover a table in them?

Now if you excuse me, I need to drink something epic to put on top of my puzzle box coaster, like a skull goblet full of the blood of many “shaved” throats...

...Or maybe just some coffee in my Jack Skellington mug and a plate full of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. wink

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