Sunday, 15 February 2015

Monster Mavens WIHM Edition: Kweeny Reviews The Guest

It's no secret that I love Jovanka Vuckovic's work by now. She was a powerhouse on Rue Morgue back in the days when I first met her, and she still is one today. I love her writing, but her film making is really where she shines as an artist. So I have seen The Captured Bird, her first short film, and I was a backer of that one. It was brilliant. It had some flaws but I enjoyed the hell out of it. I still own one of the shirts from backing the film. I haven't seen all of her film stuff yet, but the fact she is doing Jacqueline Ness is testament to why I think she is a rising star in the horror film biz.

But enough of that.

Time to get my reviewer hat on and look at the guts of this beautiful monster of a movie called The Guest. *takes off wolf hat and puts on a different, bitchen hat.*

Now, I don't want to give too much away, because this film is really short. It's like 5 mins tops. And while that works, I feel kinda teased. I was hoping for more I suppose. Maybe I was so into the imagery and the subtly of which Jovanka tells a tale, or maybe it's deeper. Because I think she could have added a bit more...

But she is a fantastic director. I can't wait to see what Jovanka does with a feature! She knows how to frame shots well and really uses minimum space to it's fullest potential. Something about the way she sees the world with a camera is delightful and downright eerie. Just like The Captured Bird was. The Guest has that haunting eeriness, but it's also more mature. More sure of itself and uses less to do more.

The place I am in pain-wise made me really relate to the man in the mirror, who is haunted by a voice and is our main character. This voice knows too much about him. A lot of hints are dropped that this man has done bad things...very bad things, and might do more thanks to the voice.

I understand.

There is a level of hell within so deep and dark, that you have moments where you talk to yourself out loud. Debating things. Being tortured by demons.
Sometimes madness does that to you.

I think I wanted to see more of the story because of that. I wanted to know more of what happened, but I am a curious person by nature. And also, I think it would have comforted me to know more.

Jovanka isn't making films that comfort people.

But where Jovanka shines isn't in her storytelling, though she has a very strong, powerful voice. One that comes off like a hushed whisper and leaves you broken and bleeding on the floor. No, it is the imagery of The Guest that really got me. The white with blood symbolism. The ghostly child holding a heart. A mental hell realm made so bright it burns.

For something so brief, the movie sure leaves you with something to think about. Something to chew on and ponder, and perhaps, torture yourself a little bit with while you talk to the shadows about all the horrible things you've done...

And are going to do.

You can find more on Jovanka's projects on her site. Do check out more of her work. You won't be disappointed.

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