Monday, 9 February 2015


So I have been scrambling all last week to make sure a lot of things happened. One of the things that almost didn't happen for me was Howl Con.

My friend Nikki and I representing!
I'm so glad it did.

There were many things this con did different than other cons. And I will get into that in a moment.

But let me first say that WEREWOLVES ROCK and we have needed a convention for their "needs" for a long time.

You all know I love all monsters. And I have been to events for things like vampires. Vampires get all the attention. They get cons, they get balls. They get more movies than any other creature in the horror genre. They get all the love. And sparkles...

But what about the beasts of the blood moon? Don't we deserve love too?
Will Carson from Attention Span Games was willing to give me some sugar.
Howl Con is that answer. Because yes, you do get love. Revel in that love. Hunt it down like prey.

The con was a lot smaller than I expected. Which was good in some ways, because people got to know each other easier. Bigger cons make it hard to bond with your fellow nerds. Why go to a con if you weren't interested in meeting others? The biggest con I have been to so far is debatably either FanExpo in Canada or Wizard World. I have been to World Horror Convention, but that is for professionals in the industry and has a very different feel from fan cons. Fan cons are supposed to be for the fans. Sometimes they are, but sometimes they are so overwhelming it's hard to enjoy yourself.

So I was just fine with the small, intimate con. I can say I was at the con when it was a wolf pup. I can be proud of meeting all the folks I did and making all the connections I made.

My boss Deanna from Living Dead Mag steals a kiss while we pose with James for a college group shot.
I loved the variety of stuff to do at the con as well. Howl Con was unique because of the different variations of what people think werewolves mean. Everyone from bone and costume artists, to gamers, to Living Dead Magazine were there. The panels had things like "Vampires Vs Werewolves", Budget Werewolf costuming tricks, panels on crownfunding (which was a brilliant panel) and even a great writer talk panel. There was a lot of stuff packed into a tiny space. They had a film fest going on in one room, and the gaming room had the artshow. The art people make inspired by wolves is impressive. People who love wolves tend to be passionate creatures.

I dressed up Sat, and even found some wolves to hang with who also liked being cheeky with their costuming:

Plus I got to hang with my boss and talk business, which is always a plus. I don't get a chance to go to Portland a lot, so when I can it's a great time.

Would I recommend this con to folks? Absolutely! Even if you are not a werewolf. I wanted a vampire to show up so badly so I could play off them! I would have enjoyed that greatly! Howl Con is open to everyone.

If you want more information on Howl Con check out their site here. They even have a FB and other social media.

Now I am going to play with my new bones I got at the con.


  1. Don't do the glitter, Kweeny. NEVER comes out of your fur. o_o

  2. Love it! You KNOW I wanna go to That. AwooOOoooooOO! <3 :D


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