Sunday, 8 February 2015

MONSTER MAVENS WIHM EDITION: Shit People Say To Women Who Like Horror

I thought we'd start this series off with a little video entertainment. I made this a while back when I was feeling healthier. I use my Youtube Channel to fool around with cameras and make blog videos. It's good practice. I film the videos, edit them, the whole bit. And I know they are shitty quality. But I like the practice. I love making stuff, like writings, painting on bones, etc. Especially if it's creepy and kooky. Creepy is my jam! 

I was on a radio show during the week called Horror Happens Radio, and was interviewed. It was a weird experience. Not completely bad...just weird. I don't like listening to myself talk. I sound like a raving howler monkey.

Especially on a flare day. With a dash of mental anguish.

If you'd like to listen to Granny-Addams-Kweeny ramble about her art and life, click here.

Handling a camera is difficult currently with my conditions. Thus I stopped doing the videos. But I am sure I will get back to playing around with film making again some day soon. I do enjoy it, and I was getting more comfortable in front of the camera. I'm just oddly shy. I am an introvert who happens to be a ham. Go fig. But I really prefer to be behind cameras. Behind the keyboard. Painting in the dark. I love photography for that reason too. One day I will make my werewolf film Red Handed, just because I wanna say I tried.

And I also love werewolves...maybe a bit too much.

I just got a lot of other crap on my plate right now. Health and finances have not been good. I dunno if I should start a Kickstarter or something. People are really pulling for me to do one, so I am really seriously considering it. I do have a fledgling, first draft trailer of Red Handed! I wanna make a better one at some point, but here, enjoy my first ever Red Handed Trailer

First time I filmed a trailer at all guys. EVER. Had my friend Eva Layne at Dark Media edit it for me. Thanks so much lady!

I dragged a pregnant lady covered in blood on the ground like she was being mauled by a werewolf.

I have photo proof:

Rachael Anderson is Metal As Fuck.

It was fun as hell. And I think that is the point of filmmaking. 

If you'd like to keep updated on the progress of the film, and look at some awesome werewolf porn (let's be real here, that is what the page has become while I work on other things. The film crew and I just showing our love of werewolves.) just check out Red Handed Movie's FB page. There are film stills from our trailer we shot, concept art and of course, werewolf porn. 

All the werewolf love you could ever want. *howls* 

Anyhow, enjoy this video my friends. I made it for you! I am sure many of my lady horror friends out there can relate to these. And look, I am kissing Pinhead.

And wearing a wolf hat.

As you do when you are a Kweenybeast. ;)

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