Friday, 7 December 2012

Creepmas Day 07: The First Candy Cane


If you are unaware, Candy Canes are important to my festive celebrations. They put me in a good mood, and I love how they taste. With Halloween, I love most the candy that comes out other than that orange and white crap they call Candy Corn. UGH! Hate the stuff! But with Christmas, I find most the stuff that they call TREATS taste like ass. There are a few candy/treats I enjoy this time of year: A good pumpkin pie, Gingerbread, anything chocolate coated. But the most festive treat I enjoy that is considered a staple of the season, is Candy Canes.

Candy Canes are PURE AWESOME.

Guess what I got?

*Choir music ensues*
I was so damn happy when Lord Bearington bought me this! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy with Creepmas cheer! Just look at me dig in:

I'm such a happy beastie! So happy, I started sharing it with my monster pals.

Mmm...tasty! Can I share with Jack?
Your candy cane will be legendary...even in hell!
And as I was sharing it around, because I'm a pal like that, a few little friends dropped in for a visit.

I think my Candy Cane madness summoned some Elder Gods.
I think they were feeling left out. So I offered them a little bit.

I think 'Thulu isn't to keen on them. But 'Narly loved them!
So now I am ready to make festive things! I even got a few things to start off with...


And snowflake making!

Let my dark cheer transform these items into gothic awesome! *Kweeny steeples her fingers while devouring the power of CANDY CANES!*


  1. Looks like we both have Christmas candy on our minds! :) I've always wanted to try one of those spiderweb snowflakes, but haven't gotten around to it. I hope to see some of your finished snowflakes!

  2. Nom nom Candy! Sure thing! Hopefully I can make a video of my creation of them! I have a couple not just the spider one I am going to do! :)

  3. *offers you some Candy Cane* :D

  4. I posted your tutorial on the making of these wonderful "snowflakes" at the "Crypt".... gave you credit for the post ... Thank you dear Lady ... the Doctor

  5. I really love gingerbread so I bought some cookies the other day. I am a bit terrified of candy canes - candy cane ice cream and a candy cane both broke the tooth I once had.


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