Saturday, 8 December 2012

Creepmas Day 08: Kweeny Draws Krampus!


On a whim I decided tonight to draw. Not just doodle, but get down in in there and draw. I don't do it often, because I have a lot of...issues associated with it. To be perfectly honest with you guys, I sometimes downright hate drawing. It reminds me of bad childhood memories and of my mother, who was an amazing artist who killed herself. She was very talented, and very critical over everything I created for her.

So yeah, I think you can understand why drawing doesn't happen very often for me.

But sometimes I do it despite everything. And the whole time I fight the process like a honey badger, grunting and grumbling. Apparently I even hold my breath sometimes, at least that's what Lord Bearington says. He watched me as I made my most recent monstrosity. I had no idea. Guess it goes to show you how much I fight drawing. I suppose if I tried to do it more, it wouldn't be such a trail...

But for all this angst, I did draw something. I do LIKE making things. I like the act of creation and I am very supportive of others. My own work? It's a love/hate relationship. I have to wrestle demons to do it, and it becomes a huge production in my head. *sigh* And this thing I drew is a monster, so it was at least somewhat fun to draw. YAY! And it's one of my favorite monsters for this time of year...KRAMPUS!

He's kinda cute isn't he? And his expression is priceless. Lord Bearington says he wants to get me charcoals to draw with, because my art style would suit them. Jeeze, I haven't done art classes since high school so I don't know crap about art anymore.

I also altered some cards to give to folks. Wanna see my silly Creepmas cards?

The eyeball is my fav, I have to say...

You know what's the worst part about being an artist? THIS:

Feel my left-handed RAGE! Stupid smudging!

How are your Creepmas Krafts going?


  1. They're not smudges, they're awesome rubbing off on you.

  2. I figured I would re-draw an old fav. for Kitten for her creepmas gift. otherwise im headed to the barrens of cali again to visit family (and this time to get some closure with them) because my real family is up here.

    Merry Creepmas!

  3. I love your drawing! He kind of reminds me of a buffed up Baron Samedi because of the skull face.

    And you've just reminded me I *really* need to get started on my cards. Time's a runnin' out. :o

  4. I hear you on the smudges - happens to me ALL the time, being left handed myself.

    Also, I am sorry drawing has such terrible associations for you. Congratulations for breaking through those barriers this time to create your lovely-scary Krampus drawing though! I always wondered what your art was like and now I got to see. That jagged line style is awesome too!


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