Sunday, 11 December 2011

Day 11: Candy Canes!


My visit with Krampus was so much fun, it made my too small heart a few sizes bigger. I'm feeling less Grinchy today, so I thought I'd share one of my favorite holiday treats with you.

Every holiday has it's staple foods. Deserts and candy that mark the holiday. Halloween has things like Candy Corn, which by now you know I think is TERRIBLE. But there is one thing I adore about Christmas/Yule/whatever you wanna call this holiday and that thing is CANDY CANES!

I FRIGGEN LOVE CANDY CANES! They are a party in my mouth. A party made of so much win Chuck Norris would be jealous and try to punch it's face.

Thankfully Chuck doesn't know about my love of Candy Canes. But I will share my secret with you. I suppose they made Candy Canes to make up for all the other crap they make us endure for the holidays. Halloween has so much cool shit they had to balance it out by making Candy Corn awful. So if my half-baked, sugar-high-induced theory is correct, Candy Corn and Candy Canes are sacred foods of balance. They keep the Universe together. The "FORCE" is strong because these things exist. They are ying and yang...

AND SO FRIGGEN NOMMY! I love the Peppermint ones and the fruity ones, and all sorts of flavors of Candy Canes! I haven't found a bad Candy Cane, and alternately, I have never found a GOOD Candy Corn. Coincidence? I think NOT!

I'm now gonna go have a sugar coma. 


  1. There is a dark side to the candy cane. My brother and I would see which one of us could suck the end of the candy cane into a sharp point, the first one to form a "weapon" tried to stab the other one. It is really hard to suck a candy cane when your laughing. THAT was fun!!

  2. Hahaha yes! I gotta be careful when I make mine all pointy like that. I've stabbed myself in my mouth before. It hurt like hell.

  3. Yay for candy canes! I bought a box of them the other day ^_^ yummy

  4. I remember when I used to dig on candy canes, I'd take one of the smaller sized ones and bite off the longer part to form a U shape and then slip it under my tongue like a candy mint retainer of sorts. Fun stuff. Dang, I may have to go get some now!


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