Monday, 2 February 2015


Welcome back to my Gory Kingdom readers, and it's one of my favorite blogging times of year: Women in Horror Month! *tosses severed limbs and blood instead of confetti*

I have some great stuff lined up for the blog, so stay tuned. On the 8th, 15th and 22 of this month I will have some great posts for you on the topic of Monster Mavens in Horror: WIHM Edition. Everything from a video I made a while back on "Shit People Say To Women Who Like Horror", to a bitchen review of a female director I ADORE, to an interview with a female vampire. And she's one of my dear blogger friends too! *squee!*

So make sure you come visit me here in the Gory Kingdom! I wanna celebrate with friends!

And who doesn't love horror buddies? I sure do! The more, the merrier I say!

Oh, and I am sure there will be an update on my experiences at HOWL CON this coming weekend as I'm working my ass off for Living Dead Magazine. My bone business Marrow Mind Crafts is getting a lot of love too, and I'm gonna be on a horror radio show for WIHM -and- have an article in Malevolent Magazine for WIHM too.

Me. This guy right here. Doing all the things.

I have this expression going on constantly right now.

This is my life folks.

Someone pinch me.

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