Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Kweeny Reviews :Tromeric's Top 500 Movie Activity Book Zine!

I've been super busy the last little while. with Women in Horror Month quickly approaching, and officially starting my own bone art business called Marrow Minded Crafts. I even made business cards!

 I have had a lot on my plate, so I didn't mean to neglect the blog. I still love you blog! *HUGS BLOG, gets werewolf fur all over the place* More horror related goodness is coming, I promise!

Kweeny can't stay away for long!

But I got a copy of this awesome activity book from my good friend Tromeric. He runs a wicked blog called Guts and Grog, and I have on more than one occasion written articles for him. I love the spirit of Guts and Grog, because who doesn't love getting drunk while watching horror movies?

Yes, I know I took the picture backwards! I know...
I sure do! *burps*

So I was pleased to play around with this great activity book, especially since sometimes I have such bad chronic pain, I am incapable of writing two words together. Forget an entire article! So having something silly and fun like this to review is awesome for those days.

I enjoyed watching horror movies and fun shows while coloring in cinema trash heroes such as Divine, and connecting the dots on Eraserhead's hair. HOW MANY ACTIVITY BOOKS HAVE THAT? Plus there are other awesome things like crosswords, word games and more. Hell, the real joy of this book is how great it is for those days you just need something silly and fun to do. Something that requires little fucks on your part, but is still entertaining! It was a pleasure to be sitting in my jammies coloring the cover in while watching Cinemasnob:

I love Brad Jones. And I love Tromeric's Top 500 Movie Activity Book Zine!

So if you want a fun book that is great for when you are having a "fuck it all" kind of day, and you wanna break out your crayons and color in some cool cinema-related shit, then buy this book. It's a lot of fun, cheap, and you can be both a bad ass adult with excellent taste in cinema, and a 5 year old.

And who doesn't wanna do that once in a while?

I do.

You can pick up a copy of Tromeric's Top 500 Activity Book here.

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  1. Best business cards evar. @_@ I want one just for the sexy pictures. <3


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