Sunday, 18 January 2015


So as my Facebook friends will tell you, I am in love with the show Penny Dreadful. I wasn't sure I could find another horror show that would entertain me so thoroughly like Helix did so soon, and this season of American Horror Story is okay, but not as good as Coven was for me. So my dear friends asked me, “Kweeny, have you seen Penny Dreadful?” And when I said no, they were shocked.

I got the same expression I always get when I tell people I have not in fact, seen that particular horror themed THING yet. It can be anything; from a movie, to a book, to a song, whatever. If it is in any way dark, weird or downright gory, people in my life expect me to know about it.

With good reason. I might be a TAD bit in love with horror.

I may be trying to make horror more than just a hobby. I might be going steady with horror a little, trying to make a career out of it.

So I shock people when I tell them I have not seen all the horror that ever existed. Don't worry gang, I will get around to it or die trying.

So I got several shocked expressions from friends who have seen the series Penny Dreadful because I haven't seen it yet. It got to the point I watched it to shut people up. *snickers* I sat down not expecting a damn thing from the series, and came away from first season MADLY IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Penny Dreadful is everything 18th century gothic horror should be. OF COURSE I FUCKING LOVED IT! Especially when they dragged out my favorite classic monsters! Everyone is there! Not to give too much away, but they tell a really amazing story that weaves all the great classic monsters around one woman named Vanessa Ives. And she HAPPENS to be possessed by demons. In such a way that it is sometimes downright terrifying to watch her on screen! (Of course, she is my favorite character, but moving on...)

I think I might have a huge lady crush on Vanessa Ives to be perfectly honest. So hard. And on Eva Green for playing such an amazingly layered female lead. Double lady crush.

We need more characters like this in the horror genre representing female characters. 

Seriously, give this show a go if you haven't already, and you love the whole 18th century dark horror ecstatic. If that really touches your black heart like it did me, you will adore this show. And there is a second season. So the ride isn't over yet THANKFULLY!

Great acting, awesome setting, and a deliciously evil story make Penny Dreadful a fun show to follow. I'd highly endorse you having a marathon of season one.

I had to do it in pretty much one day. I gave myself insomnia watching it.

And I regret NOTHING.  


  1. Captivating show. Excellent review. Can't wait for season 2.

  2. I keep meaning to see if we get the show on any of our basic satellite channels out here, but by the time the spouse finishes watching hockey, I've given up ever getting hold of the remote and gone to bed. One day I will remember to sneak upstairs during the day, and hopefully it will be on a channel we do get.

    I LOVE 18th century Gothic horror. As long as it's not TOO scary. ;)

  3. Dear Lady Kweeney, we wish you and yours Happiness and a good Life...


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