Thursday, 6 August 2015

Kweeny's Gencon Recap!

Wanna play a game?
I just got back from Gencon 2015 last week, and boy am I exhausted! With flying there and back and then having 4 days of gaming and con shenanigans makes a Kweeny extremely drained. Been resting most the day, and now I think I am ready to right a little something on my experience. So here is my recap of my fourth year at Gencon!
Me as Billy hanging out with this awesome cosplayer! The costume had a working mouth and sound effects! 
One of the fun things I like to do is find the horror fans among the gamers when I go to Gencon. This year I did it by cosplaying my Billy costume. Having someone come up to me and go, "Jigsaw! Cool outfit man!" or take my picture, made it easy to find fellow freaks. Gencon doesn't have much of a presence for horror, but it isn't against it either! Which is why they allow horror films in their film festival, and why I see the people who run  H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon had a booth in the dealers room, and I bought a bumper sticker for my new car. Because my car needs horror bling on it. All day, everyday.

Faith Above All!
But back to the cosplay, this year was full of amazing cosplayers! The eclectic mix of cosplayers was spectacular, and all of them brought their A game. Everyone from comic book heroes, anime characters and people wearing original costumes from LARP characters they play (like my hubby and I did). 
My hubby in his Mewie costume. He won a HAll Costume Contest award!
There was some great panels too. Everything from workshops on how to make chainmail, LARP dungeon crawls, miniature gaming, board gaming...the list goes on! It is really overwhelming how much stuff is packed into one convention. I couldn't even do 25% of all the things happening at the con. I wanted to go and do the costume contest and film fest, but I was burnt out from dealing with all the people. There were lots of people. Like a constant moving sea of fleshy-geek bodies (some of which are a bit ripe) so I took a lot of downtime to keep up with everything.

Playing Arctic Scavengers at the Rio Grande room.
One of the really fun highlights of my con experience was at the Cosplay Deviants panel! They do a show every year that is a "Game show for adults" were they get people to play sexy games (all of it done tastefully I might add). Hilariously, I won another prize this year, and I gave the adorable plushie to my Goddeess-Child Athena. 

She made me pretty proud this year, because she kept hanging out with the horror cosplayers:

That's my girl. ;)

Thanks for all the good times Gencon! Hopefully I will stalk your halls again next year! 

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time dear Lady Kweeney....


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