Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Kweeny Creeps into Cryptcon!

I need more horror conventions in my life!

I almost didn't make it this year to Crypticon Seattle, due to budget constraints. But I did, and got to hang out for a day. I dressed up as the puppet Billy from Saw, and I really love it when fans come up to me and ask for my photo. I got a lot of photos taken! And I am pleased with how well my make up came out this year!

But best of all, was hanging with all the horror professionals I could. I got to finally meet people like The Soska Sisters and Jessica Cameron. I also got to hang with people from Living Dead Magazine, and I even had dinner Saturday with my boss from the mag.

This is the biggest horror con I have gone to this side of the border, and I have to say, it was a lot of fun. Being around the energy of fellow horror fans, professionals, and such was really rewarding. I wish I could have done more, seen more stuff, but I only had a day to take in a three day con. I loved being around all the horror lovers, going to panels, watching Model Hunger with my boss, making people jump when they saw my red eyes, and I feel really inspired thanks to the Canadian Lady Filmmakers I met. All of them were really supportive, and when I told them I am trying to make my own film, they gave me the motivation back I lost when I ended up in the hospital. Things have been extremely difficult creatively since, but I am not giving up.

So Crypticon, thank you for being a wild, awesome horror experience. Hopefully next year I can do more!

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  1. Oh this is awesome coplay. Well done. Seriously, kudoos. I adore this!


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