Monday, 26 September 2011

Kweeny Krafts: Crayon Pirates!

And cake and updates and...

Sorry for the delay on getting posts up the last few days, I came down with a nasty bug of doom and it knocked me out. I almost wasn't healthy enough for my husbands birthday party, but I managed it. Our wonderful, hilarious friends made him a brony cake, complete with magical rainbow swirls within. Before I show you my abominations in art, I will show you this delicious abomination in cake form:

It was seriously delicious. I kid you not. And it had nerds on the top for pony droppings. I am totally gonna take that cute little pony (I think they said her name was rainbow sparkle or some crap) and I am gonna GOTH HER OUT. Then Bear can take her to work. She'll be a proper attention whore once I'm done with her.

*cough* So moving on, I promised to readers I'd pimp them out crazy crayon style as pirates. And I keep my promises. So without further ado here are my pirate posse ready to sail with Captain Kweeny:

Here we have Michael Jones looking swashbuckling awesome. I know his hand looks weird. I'm an ARTISTE. It means I purposely fuck shit up to make it awesome. Yeah. Meant to do that and everything. It's symbolic of the turmoil in my soul, uh, yeah.

And here we have one of my biggest fans Phil, looking all dashing and ready to kick some ass. He really does have long hair folks, at least last time I saw him. I dunno if he cut it recently, but I work with the photos I got at my disposal and TRY to make them look like cartoony versions of the real thing.

I'm thinking of just dropping the Wednesday part of Wicked Weapons, as I am terrible with keeping up with things if I don't force a deadline on myself. I mean, I like doing things like the Halloween Countdown's and such, because they are kinda forced deadlines but for a fun reason. I just don't think I can do it FULL TIME. I don't consider my blog a completely serious thing, just a fun place to write and share my crazy ramblings. I do work hard on my posts, but I have a lot of fun doing so. I'm gonna get back to novel writing soon and then I will need strict deadlines, and I will feel burdened if I put deadlines on the blog too. Don't wanna stifle myself. So I will just post Wicked Weapons posts from now on whenever I get inspired to. :)

Thanks to all the readers who still stick by my crazy blog! I am having a great time here and hope I do for many more posts to come.

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  1. AWESOME! That pic of me looks amazing! Thank you! ^___^

    No worries about the sporadic updates. You've got a life apart from the blogosphere (I know, I've seen it!), and damned if I'm gonna bitch about a late post when it means your novel creeps that much closer to completion. I know what you mean about deadlines- I'm not good with them either. (Says the guy who hasn't done the guest review yet.)

    And yeah, I still have the long hair, as I'm labouring under the delusion that the ladies love it. :P


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