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EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL! Interview with Director Chance Newman and Giveaway!

Guess who found out that in the area we will be having our very own showing of EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL?


Friday, July 18th in Springfield OR, we will be splattered with delicious gore and humor with our own showing of Evil Dead The Musical! I am so stoked! In fact, I was so stoked I got to interview the Director who's putting it on! I have seen Evil Dead The Musical once before, back in Toronto Canada, which is a long way from Oregon. I had a blast and was sitting in the row after the splatter seats. I vowed that if I got the chance, I would get splatter seats again.

So here is the interview I did with Director Chance Newman of Last Chance Productions! Stay tuned after reading it, as the Evil Dead Musical Staff and I have a little Giveaway for you!

What inspired you guys to get together the means to do Evil Dead here in Springfield Oregon? (By the way, thank you for that!)

We are big fans of Oregon and the Eugene/Springfield area. You are welcome. It is our pleasure. 

How did you guys get permission to do it at the Wildish Theater? Were they excited to present the show when you told them what kind of show it was? And all that blood?

The Wildish is a beautiful theatre. The staff is absolutely outstanding. We always take great precautions to respect each theatre's requests. We always clean up our mess. We take as much pride in our clean up as we do the show itself. 

How grueling has your rehearsal schedule been? Or is it just too much fun to really think of it as work?

We have been doing EDtM for a few years now and while a couple of cast members have changed it is pretty much the same group. It is a very physical show. Fun for sure but intense. 

Who designed your set pieces? And who's doing the awesome deadite make up?

I built the sets.  The cast and myself do the makeup. We use seven types  of blood in the show. 

Is there going to be a giant Necronomicon prop like the one I saw in Toronto? I laughed hard when I saw that thing.
Ha! Well.....without giving anything away.....I will just say that fans of the Book of the Dead are encouraged to clap when they see it!

What's your favorite song from the musical? I am partial to “Do the Necronomicon...” as it used to be a ringtone of mine.

That's tough!  It's such a great soundtrack! I do love "Good Ole Reliable Jake" and "Bit Part Demon.  Of course "What the Fuck Was That?" is also a fav!

How well does the Evil Dead Musical combine elements of all three of the classic movies together? 

Beautifully! Act One is essentially Evil Dead, Act Two is mostly Evil Dead 2 with the great lines from Army of Darkness sprinkled throughout. 

 Horror sometimes gets a bad rap, which is why Horror Comedy is a great way to bring in new folks who are leery of all the blood and demonic possession. Horror Musicals are awesome for the same reason. Do you think you will get quite a few non-horror fans willing to come out and try Evil Dead The Musical on opening night?

For sure. Part of the fun of this musical is that you can be an Evil Dead fan or not. Or a horror fan or not and still love this show. It's so much fun! Of course if you are a fan of the films then it's going to be extra special for you!
How many buckets of blood do you think you'll go through in a night's performance?

I'm not telling. Ha! But I will say....more than 13. That seems like a good round spooky number. 666 would have also been a good answer but it would just not be possible without a week of cleanup. ;)
Who did you choose as your cast of characters? Was chin measuring required to get the right Ash?

 We have a very talented cast. They are like the Avengers! We do a other shows besides Evil Dead and they are are always entertaining. They also clean up after themselves. Pretty much the best group ever. And Yes! Having a chin was required for the role of Ash! Chins optional for all other roles. 
What is your favorite movie version of Evil Dead?

The original. There is only one Ash! Although I really enjoyed the reboot.  The subtle changes such as "Dead by....then" and "Feast on your soul" were nice moments for original ED fans.
Chainsaws replacing missing hands are pretty much the most bad ass weapon choice ever, don't you agree?

Agreed! Amen to that!

Would you like to see more horror stuff happening in the Eugene/Springfield area?

I will answer that with a question:
Would you like us to bring more horror productions to your area? I will look for your answer ;)

Thank you again for the interview Mrs. Todd! Great questions. 
~Chance Newman 
Last Chance Productions

Check out their fanpage for more info:
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So Lance and his crew have kindly offered up splatter seat tickets for those in the Springfield/Eugene area (or anyone willing to come down here) for opening night! WICKED RIGHT? All you gotta do to enter is reply to this post with your favorite Evil Dead moment. Any of the movies count! Describe to me in at least a couple lines why that moment really sticks out for you, and you could win Splatter seat tickets! Hell, post your moment even if you can't come down to the show. It would be really cool to read all your moments, fellow Evil Dead fans! Share the Chainsaw-weilding love! 

The Giveaway will be open from now until the 10th of June. So get replying Deadites!   


  1. My favorite moment, and really I'm not sure why.... is when Henrietta pops out of the cellar and says "There's someone in my fruit cellar" it cracks me up. My husband always says it so that's probably why. Plus, I love that Ted Raimi is Henrietta, gotta love them Raimi boys!

    I live in WA, I would love to travel down to see this wink wink hahahhaha!

    1. You are awesome for replying Britnie! If I could afford travel exspenses too, you could have a shot at the tickets! Thanks for sharing with me though! Henrietta is pretty hilarious.

    2. I thought it was for anyone willing to come down there :( damn. Well we'll still be in Springfield this year to visit my mother in law. Too bad...


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