Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hey blade lovers! Long time no chat, I know. Life has been busy, as I have been doing projects outside of my blog at the moment. They have been eating my time here.

One of the things I've been up to is writing for an awesome horror magazine called Living Dead Magazine. I got an excellent article in it on Haunted Objects that you all might find interesting, if you are into that sort of thing. Hoping to write more articles for them in the future, as I love supporting horror. Please help support them, as they are filled with talent from all over! More horror is always good! Check them out on their site and Facebook page!

I've also been working on other people's blog events lately. It's making me miss my blog to be honest. I recently wrote an article for Guts and Grog, one of my blogging buds. He was doing a comedy week which was awesome to be a part of. Hopefully I can get myself organized to do more blog events!

Speaking of blog events, the HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MADNESS PREVIEW is coming up! Guess who is a a judge this year? *smirks*

I've been trying to do a bunch of different hobbies of mine I have put on hold for other things, such as learning to straight razor shave, draw, and paint things.

I'm brainstorming a esty shop to sell some of my creative wears. I am mostly doing bone art there, with real bones from animals. All are found humanely and die from natural causes or are road kill finds. No animals are harmed in their making. But I process and remove the dead flesh myself, and then paint them up and make art or jewelry with them! Hopefully I will have that up, but if you are curious, I tend to post pictures of them on my instagram. I am very active on that stupid thing.

That's all the news for now! Hopefully in the next little while myself or Mad Jester will have posts up for you. In the meantime, shave some faces for me!

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