Sunday, 18 May 2014

Kweeny's Portland Aventures...WITH FRIENDS!

On Friday my late birthday gift from my dear friend Cass was an epic outing in Portland! It included a diva gothic makeover, poutine and fancy PB & J sandwiches from food carts, and the most awesome bar in the whole word: The Lovecraft Bar! WHY DO I NOT LIVE IN THAT BAR?!

*Geek flails*

Anyhow,  her and I took some I can share the awesome with you. 

Also, listen to this while you peruse the pictures. MOOD MUSIC!


So of course for an epic gothic makeover you need a before picture. I've never had fancy, expensive make up before, because I tend to do my make up as the whim takes me. I'm more into dramatic looks when I do dress up, because I like the act of transformation make up provides. But yeah, I'm a picky bitch when it comes to make up time.
And here is the AFTER picture. With me is my Sephora make up artist Matt. HE WAS AMAZING! Made me feel comfortable and didn't mind doing a darker look on me. He was hilarious and fun too. We had a great time chatting.
After my face was done, we went and found these amazing food carts tucked away in Portlandia. I didn't realize how much Portland LOVES FOOD. When I read the description of Poutine on the food truck, I was impressed. This description is accurate.

And it was actually REALLY GOOD too! B+ rating! I'm getting hungry watching Cass eat it again in this picture...*whimper* MY CANADIAN COMFORT FOOD!
And since we were there and still had room we got this delicious Gourmet PB & J sammich. YOU CAN MAKE PB &J FANCY? *mind blown*
After the foodening, we went to the Lovecraft Bar, which I have heard amazing things about. I didn't realize HOW AMAZING until I stepped in an SQUEED. Curious about the bar? They have a website...of course. If I lived closer, I would totally participate in their monthly horror-themed variety show!
Just look at how happy I am! If ever I needed an excuse to move to Portland...     

We ended the awesome day by watching Evil Dead, because Cass had never seen the original before. So I did the good friend thing and showed her my special addition copy. It was fun listening to her go, "That reminds me of when Cabin the the Woods made that reference! Now I get it!"

Kweeny likes going on adventures in Portland. I wish Eugene had more of a horror/dark scene, but that's why Portland gets me. The dream of the Elder Gods is alive in Portland!


  1. Your day in Portland looks awesome! I'm glad you and Cass had such a great time!

  2. Looks like a fun day. I can't wait until my visit to Portland.

  3. Happy belated! Love, love, love the purple lips! :D


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