Sunday, 2 October 2011

Day 02: Needful Things: Getting in the Spirit

I just love this season! It suits my sensibilities well. The air gets a little more crisp, the leaves change color, the night's get longer. My snarkiness eases up some because I'm giddy like a kid hyped up on candied corn and Mountain Dew! The stores also get full of Halloween crap! It's WONDERFUL! Of course, I try to ignore the Christmas stuff that is also slowly infecting the stores. Am I the only one who is really annoyed when I see the Christmas crap come out right alongside the Halloween stuff? I know rationally it's silly for me to do so. It's consumer culture. If there's a demand, they will provide for it.

But with that stupidity aside I let myself skip through the aisles of Halloween goodies and contemplate my plans for things I wanna do. I have a couple of parties I'm going to this year, and I need to look great. But I also like buying stuff to just decorate my house with. You can find neat things for your house at this time of year if you know where to look. My awesome friends took me yesterday to the Spirit of Halloween store here in town, so I could plan and plot and buy things to start my costume creations. No Christmas crap to be found! Huzzah!

I took a few pictures, sadly some are a bit crappy as my actual camera died and I had to use my phone. But there were some neat things...

I took a couple of pics of old Frankenstein's Monster, cuz well, he reminds me of my husband before his morning coffee.

There was some other neat props lying around too, like the Scream guy and the half mutilated corpse that was lying around wailing for death.

I got my friends daughter Avery to pose in front of Dracula there, because she thought he was neat. She's adorable. I am going to be her Fairy Gothmother when she grows up.

This baby is totally the reason why I don't ever want to have children. My child would look like this.

The zombie set up was actually really neat, but my phone doesn't take the greatest photos. I can only capture so much awesome at once it seems.

And of course, my epic score! This cup is AMAZING. I saw it and I had to have it. I saw them last year and I vowed I would have one this year. It's HUGE. I can put almost a half a bottle of Mountain Dew in it! I get a bit of a chuckle that my Zombie Brew is green too.

I also got a few things for my costume, as I plan to be a character of KWEENY TODD: THE DEMON BLOGGER OF CANADIA! You're probably thinking to yourself, "What the hell would that look like?" and part of the fun is I get to make it up as I go! HAHAHA! The main Sweeney Todd components I have decided are needed is the razor, blood, and my hair (which I have decided will be red as I love red) with a white streak. How will this turn out? You will have to wait and see folks! It will be random and fun!

I have several parties this year I am going to, and I know I will need more than one costume. One of the parties I am going to is themed Nations of the World, and I haven't decided what I am going to do. The expected thing for me I suppose is to go as Canada, but then what do I wear? A Molson Canadian shirt, a toque, maybe some antlers and hold a hockey stick in my hands? Or maybe I just get a Canadian flag and wrap myself in it. Doesn't seem very inspiring. Not saying I don't love my country, but how do you do sexy Canada?

If you have some ideas, please share with me in the comments! I could use the help.


  1. I can't think of anything to comment on so all I'll say is that every day is Hallowe'en for horror fans.

  2. Awesome pics. My camara crapped out as well, I've had to use my phone too.

    Happy October!!

  3. OMG! I saw that cup & as going to get it! Great taste, you have! :)

  4. I can't wait to see photos of your costume!

  5. It's gonna be fun! I'm still stumped about the costume for Nations of the World. How do I make Canada look hawt? Dress up as an Ice Queen?

  6. A humble suggestion:


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