Monday, 3 October 2011

Day 03: Kweeny Krafts: Costuming!

Ah the joys of Halloween costuming! While I enjoy costuming all year round, and will jump at any excuse to dress up, I do tend to go all out for Halloween. It's the most Horrific time of the year! *sing song tune* As I said yesterday, I have a few parties I'm going to. My main costume is going to be Kweeny Todd, and I have been slowly collecting what I need for it. I think I'm going to do my hair something like this if it turns out:

Because the red is very me, and the white is all Johnny Depp Sweeney. Who doesn't want to be as sexy as Depp hmm?

Also I've been plotting with my friends on FB about how to represent Canada and still be sexy doing it. Damn you theme parties! On the plus side I get more than one costume out of the deal. On the negative side, I have to try and scrounge money up (and we are still broke from immigration crap. I've only been in the States living here for little over a month.) to make two costumes! I have ideas of what I can do. Let me first tell you the hilarious list of ideas my friends came up with. I can say this about us Canadians, we are fucking hilarious if nothing else! If my writing never takes off I should just try my hand at stand up. I'm good at improv as it is, and well, my friends give me LOTS of material.

So in order of posting we have the following ideas to represent Canada. And remember, I told them I wanted to be sexy. I think my friends have odd ideas of what SEXY means. *rolls eyes*

  1. Mountie with riding crop. (A good idea mind you, I am just too broke to pull it off.)
  2. Snow/Ice Queen with a riding crop (Because now everyone wants me to have a damn riding crop!)
  3. A Hockey MILF
  4. Strategically placed maple leaves and/or snowflakes
  5. A sexy lumberjack
  6. A Timmies cup (SERIOUSLY. How the hell do you make a CUP sexy? WTF?)
  7. Snowball Groomer and Puck Polisher (suggested in the same post so I put them here together.)
  8. Narnia snow-witch crossed with a naughty nurse, with a Canada flag stamped on my ass, in a sealskin thong. (I can't make this shit up people.)
  9. Soft Wood Lumber Hardener
  10. A Siberian dog sled husky, possibly with my own whip
  11. Snow/Ice Queen in a Canadian flag mini skirt
  12. Wear a Jets jersey and a toque with a Canadian flag cape, and bring a beaver tail for a snack.
  13. Just a hockey jersey, nothing else.
  14. Aurora from X men. 

Wow. While they were all suggestions, I chose my favourite and most within-the-realm-of-possibility options. Of course a few of those I wish I could afford to do, like the Mountie and Aurora from X-men. Those would both be very sexy options. But I had to choose the ones I could actually do this year. First choice: The Husky! OMFG I would make a cute little husky! Tell me you wouldn't want to see me roll around on all fours asking for tummy rubs? I can hump people's legs and lick their faces! Just like all us Canadians like to do!

(Okay, maybe just us really WEIRD Canadians...)

And if I cant get the stuff together for the husky, then I thought I'd do the sexy lumberjack, or maybe the hockey MILF. Or if I give up hope I'll just get someone to body paint a Canadian flag on me or something.

And for the record, the funniest suggestions were done by my Canadian friends.

Don't worry, there will be pictures. I will not hide the epic lulz of my Halloween insanity. I have no shame. It's a fact.


  1. I have no idea what a Hockey MILF is but I take it that a riding crop will be involved in it somewhere?

  2. Haha those are great! Some funny ass ideas.


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