Saturday, 22 October 2011

Day 22: Kweeny Loves Haunted Houses

I bet you do too. Who doesn't this time of year? One of these years I'm gonna go all out when I have enough cash to do so. I'm gonna make my place a haunted house paradise of horror! But I can't this year. Things are tight thanks to all the fees we had to spend on getting me here to America.

But that doesn't mean I can't dream! And that you cant enjoy some of the awesome haunted house videos I've been watching as inspiration! Because who doesn't love a haunted attraction this time of year? To see people's creativity come out full force, and hear people scream all girly! (I love it when guys scream like girls.)

Here's a few videos of some awesome haunted houses and attractions I'd visit if I could.

This house here is probably one of the best houses I've seen. Holy crap lightshow Batman! And yes, I was dancing in my seat while watching this.

And of course, if you got the money, why not go to Disney land and see the haunted attractions there? I'd be singing "This is Halloween" the whole time.

I found this video of an old attraction done in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre style. Friggen cool! I wish I had the chance to see it live. I'd crap my pants!

Of course if your a fan of haunted attractions, go to Universal studios around Halloween. They go ALL OUT. It's friggen awesome. This is a video detailing this years attraction. Their version of Lady Luck is pretty much how I see my luck most of the time.

Now I'm gonna go change my undies. I have a horror movie night to prepare for. I figured why not throw a horror movie night a week before Halloween, to get my friends in the spirit. I'll tell you how that went tomorrow.

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  1. Universal Studios is great for the scary stuff.
    Loved their Mummy tour in the past .


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