Sunday, 23 October 2011

Day 23: In Kweeny's Gory Kingdom

I had a very successful horrific day.

It started with my husband and I finding out the mall near us now has a zombie store. You read that right, a store completely themed after zombies. Now I don't know if they will branch out and get other horror stuff, but at the moment there is mostly zombie stuff and Living Dead Dolls. I love Living Dead Dolls. They even had some harder to find dolls at pretty reasonable rates. Almost a steal. I have been looking for this doll here for some time:

I want her mostly because she's hawt and a red skinned demon. I just love her look. She's pretty expensive online, and with shipping even more so. I mean I don't want a used version of her. I want a brand new one. And brand new she can be pricey. I've seen her at 100 smackers.

They had her for 70 bucks. OMFG.

I didn't buy her, but I did pick up a few awesome finds and brought them home.

One was this shower curtain:

Pretty bitchen right? I just love the little Betty Page-like zombie girls.

Super cute! Now my bathroom can be Halloween all year round. YAY!

And I got this awesome shirt:

Not all zombies want brains. Some want boobies. Boooooobiessssss....Gnaaarrrrr....

And my Horror Movie Night was a success! It almost didn't make it. It needed a shot of the T-virus to get it back and shambling! Lots of people canceled, as life seemed to conspire against my movie night. But in the end two couples showed up at different times, so I actually had a movie night that lasted until 4am (hence the posting now!) which to me, is a successful night. I mean, I could have just watched movies with my Bear, but that's no different than most nights. And I like to share the horror with friends. It's how you know I like you. I'm like a giving tree that way. I give the gift of darkness, dread and gore!

We watched Repo! The Genetic Opera, Session 9 and The Mist. Much popcorn and caffeine was consumed. Now I feel prepared for Halloween. I will hopefully manage to do a more in depth post about said zombie store when I have more time and money to visit. Hopefully it won't close down by then.

And with that, I think I'm gonna go fall over into bed. Night night readers.


  1. Zombie Store!! That is a brilliant idea.

  2. Aaaaand yet another reason to hate living in Squaresville. ~__~

  3. wow that doll is super cool , i like her too :), and i never heard of a store devoted to just zombies that's pretty cool , do you know what the store was called?

  4. Dont remember sadly. I'll go back to the cool store later and take some pictures. Then I'll remember better.


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