Monday, 24 October 2011

Day 24: Needful Things: Getting Into Costume

Okay, so I decided for my Halloween costume (For those just tuning in I decided to be Kweeny Todd for Halloween.) I would dye my hair to suit it, and because I miss my flaming red hair, tonight my friend Jen came over and helped me dye my hair. I took photos of the process because I thought it would be fun for you to watch my hair change color like a mood ring. I find transformations fascinating. Halloween is all about transformation, rebirth, death and the underworld. So, watch me rise like a phoenix...or just get snazzy flaming hair!

One of the things I love about getting into the spirit of the season is the act of creation. Costumes are fun to create. I like to think of it as playing characters, or to release hidden aspects of yourself. Sometimes it's fun to play a pre-made character, like Sweeney Todd. Sometimes you wanna make your own. Kweeny Todd is my own creation, inspired by my love of Sweeney Todd, among other things. SHE IS MY MONSTER! *cackles madly as lightening explodes behind her* She's a construct of several things I love about horror, with parts of me dwelling within. And with my freshly dyed hair, I feel one more step closer to the TRANSFORMATION! DUN DUN DUN!

Anyhow let me show you the 4 step process that helped create my new hair...

STEP 1: Acquire The Products Needed...

My bleach kit with all it's bits and my red hair dye. Of course stuff not shown is the ratty towel you will need for changing your hair and an old shirt you don't care gets goo on it. There will be goo. There is always goo. I get it on my ears and skin sometimes in small amounts, but it washes off pretty easily. The bleach product was called Raw and the color was Hot Lava from Special Effects.

Step 2: Bleaching Your Hair...

Otherwise known as "The Destruction of the Brown!" You coat your whole head in the bleach product. It has instructions on it so it's real easy. Just follow the instructions, get all those pesky roots, and BAM! Your a blond. And I seriously look hideous as a blonde. ICK! But it's a necessarily evil when you need to transform. These things are a process, like anything good in this life. I look like a super Siayan! Goku eat your heart out!

Here's a picture of Guko when he's Super Siayan. Just in case you've been living in a cave and this blog is the first thing you've ever read on the internet:

Step 3: Saturate Your Head In The Blood Of Your Enemies!

Once you've finished the time consuming process of bleaching your hair, after you let your burning scalp dry it's now time to apply the goo! The fun thing about the color I chose, is when we apply it it looks like friggen blood. I feel like I dipped my head in entrails. Like a nasty redcap fairy, I have dyed my hair in the blood of my victims.

And finally STEP 4: Complete Hair Transformation!

Once you rinse the excess blood out, you let it dry and then see your creation. I am a redhead! Huzzah! So much easier than trying to tap into my psychic abilities and set my hair on fire. I bet Carrie wouldn't have to work as hard as me, being a Super Siayan as she is. But Viola! I am fire-red-bad-assery. My hair will burn down small villages with it's brightness. I am now satisfied and ready for the next phase in Halloween transformation.

I really do think unnatural red hair suits me. What do you think gang?


  1. I am thinking of a similar Hairstyle in Green for my Joker..... The Doctor

  2. *stifles a snicker at Blonde Kweeny*

    Ahem. Well, you do look great as a redhead. ^__^


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