Friday, 28 October 2011

Day 28: Canadian Content: My Favourite Canadian Writers

Canada is full of awesome horror stuff. And while I do enjoy the films made in my home country, there are some amazing writers too. And you may or may not know of these hard working people. I'd hate for you book worms like me to miss out on the chance of some good reading, so here's a top ten list of my favourite Canadian writers to give you something to read this holiday and all year round. I'm gonna focus more on the writers themselves and not give too much away about their books, so you will get curious to look them up on you own. My Canadian horror writer friends need some love too. I haven't done enough to give them props on my site yet. So I shall FIX THAT RIGHT NOW! 

Nancy Baker has a trilogy of vampire books, starting with this masterpiece A Terrible Beauty. For those of us with a desire for good vampire fiction, I would highly recommend Nancy Baker's work. She has a way with writing torturous vampires. And she's not the only Canadian who does so...

If you love your vampire tales to have some sex appeal to them, look no further than Nancy Kilpatrick. Her writing is sensual and sinister and she has a love for all things dark. She doesn't just do vampires either. I've read some of her "monster erotica" series, and she writes for all sorts of characters, such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She's also the writer of the famous Goth Bible.

I know I've mentioned her before, but Kelley Armstrong is an amazing Canadian writer who brought werewolves back into the limelight in fiction. She doesn't just write about werewolves either. She has a whole supernatural series that is dark and gritty. Why stop at Bitten? Find more of her work. you won't regret it.

Another awesome female writer is Sephera Giron. I know lots of talented female writers in Canada, what can I say? They are still my home girls. Sephera knows how to weave a murderous tale. She's been in movies like Slime City Massacre, but her main bag is book writing. She writes everything from erotic dark fiction to outright horrific pieces like Mistress of The Dark. If you want a tale about crazy bitches, look no further.

If you don't know who Jovanka Vuckovic is, then you probably haven't read Rue Morgue Magazine. She used to be the Editor-in-Chief, but now she's gone on to pursue her personal ambitions. This is her new book, and it's got lots of awesome history (and pictures!) about zombies. And she knows her stuff. It's a really fun read.

This delightfully twisted lady is Gemma Files, and I tell you, she writes some of the most fucked up awesome horror in Canada. I love how devious her writing is. It's visceral, sometimes cruel, and poetic all at once. She is a must read. We have a novella of hers in Burning Effigy's catalog called Book of Tongues, and I highly recommend you give it a read. 

And to add a little testosterone to the mix we have one of my favourite Canadian horror writers Edo Van Belkom. This book above is an awesome little story, that takes a new spin on an old classic. I won't say anything more than that. But Edo has done quite a bit of horror stuff, from young adult horror to mature content like the above book. 

And if we are gonna talk about some of my old Canadian chums, Douglas here is a really awesome guy. You'd never guess he was super nice from his fiction, but I tell you, he is one of the sweetest guys going. He still checks up on me every so often through Facebook to see how I'm doing. But the man has written some amazingly creepy shit. He has a twisted sense of humor sometimes too.

And of course, I cannot forget my Big sister Marcy Italiano. If anyone knows the depth of suffering, it's Marcy. She's written horror ranging from books about real-life ghost stories, to personal tales of horror like Pain Machine. She recently came out with a book called Katrina and the Frenchman, which is a real account of her experience being trapped in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina! It's an intense, powerful book. I'd say Marcy's real talent shines when she writes real horror stories like that one.

And that's my list! indie published or mainstream, we Canadians are adding our horror to the genre through fiction. We bring a fresh perspective to the genre, and I hope the more adventurous of you readers will give some of these talents a try. Who doesn't like a good book this time of year to curl up with when things get cold and dark?


  1. Canadain? That's how Canadians spell it, eh?

  2. LOL! No! That's what happens when a Canadian stays up to late blogging! :P


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