Saturday, 29 October 2011

Day 29: Who is Kweeny Todd?

So tonight and tomorrow night I'm off playing at some parties. Though I already started partying this week at Justine's Halloween Bash, tonight I get unveil my creation of KWEENY TODD! *cackles madly as lightening flashes behind her.* I shall have pictures for tomorrow don't you worry, but tonight I need to post something for you readers... to tie you over.

I thought I'd tell you story of who and what the character Kweeny Todd is. I have been thinking about it, and every character needs a cheesy story to go with it. Though if you got better things to do, I suggest doing those tonight. It is Halloween weekend after all.

Once upon a time long ago when she was young, a girl named Kweeny (who just happened to be a horror lover and dark musical fan) decided in her early years of studying occult lore that she could summon a demon. Kids these days am I right? So young Kweeny got herself all the necessarily tools required for summoning demons. Candles, salt, chalk to draw sigils, blood, pizza, Kraken rum and enough dark eye liner to black out the sun. She took pages out of the book "Demon Summoning for Dummies" and drew her funny little sigils.

Using all the powers of darkness and three day old pizza, Kweeny got more than she bargained for. She made a nice little pentagram on the floor of her bedroom with salt and candles, then cut her thumb to add some blood to the center as an offering. Not only did she get indigestion, she managed to summon forth a demon from the bowels of hell far more talented than she bargained for! It wasn't just any demonic entity either. It was a demon who could sing, and who liked razor blades.

Kweeny looked upon the entity with curious wonder. He was handsome, covered in gore, and his throat was still gushing with blood like Niagara Falls. Seeing the pain in his eyes, she felt a little sorry for him. She had a big heart like that. It always got her into trouble.

The only problem was, when she went to him to comfort him, she forgot one of the most important rules of demon summoning: Don't break the circle. When she crossed the threshold, she knocked over a candle and erased some of the salt. She knelt at Sweeney's feet, and he grinned wickedly, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth glinting back at her. "Silly little girl," He said with a gravely voice, "Now you are mine!"

Of course, he didn't kill her. No, he had better plans. Swifter than a flick of the wrist with his razor, he entered Kweeny's body and possessed her. Kweeny screamed and fell to the floor, holding her now throbbing head as Sweeney tried to push her psyche out. But the girl was stronger than she looked. Her will was like iron and after hours of mental anguish and struggle, Sweeney realized he was going to have to adapt to his new host.

So they struck a deal.

Sweeney wasn't really a people person, and well, Kweeny was. And Kweeny loved gore and blood just as much as Sweeney did. So maybe they could live together. Maybe they could help one another. He could help her out with his vast knowledge of blades, and he could tell a good yarn. Kweeny loved a good story! And Kweeny was friendly, had lots of sarcasm and tons of useless knowledges. He convinced Kweeny that living horror movies was far more fun than just watching them. They decided in the end they would just have to live with one another. Kweeny wasn't too keen on the killing, but having demon powers was fun and she did like sharp pointy things...

And thus the legend of Kweeny Todd was born. Kweeny and Sweeney are together in one body, fighting for control, and wrecking havoc upon all they touch. Sometimes Kweeny breaks out into song against her will, as she slices and dices her victims. Murder is just more fun that way! Though she refuses to eat meat pies now. They bring back too many bad memories.

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