Sunday, 30 October 2011

Day 30: Kweeny Krafts: Costume Pictures!

I got really drunk last night and had a blast at my friends Halloween party. She even decorated! spider webbing, bloody eyeball Koolaid, the shower scene was amazing...

But without further wait I thought I'd also show you my costume from last night. Here she is folks, the hostess with the mostess, Kweeny Todd!

I couldn't get the white streak I was going for in my hair, but the rest turned out pretty good. The spray white I bought just wouldn't hold.

Had to do the pose with my razor you see. 

I love the bloody stockings. And yes, I made the shirt myself. It was FUN! I wanted to spray blood on everything after that but Bear wouldn't let me. :( 

Just a possessed girl. Only slightly crazy...right? 

At the party last night I just had to have a photoshoot in the bloody bathroom. My friend really made it look wicked! 

Bear tried to capture the red lighting in the washroom. Creepy awesome! 

Just look at this cool bathroom... 

I love when people get into the spirit! 

 The lovely Nena (who was dressed as Elvira) took some awesome pics too. Like this one of the Koolaid...

And this awesome one of Bear as Lemmy from Motorhead! My husband's a rockstar!

She also got a pretty cool one of me in the shower. With even a hint of the mist that was going on from the smoke machine.

So much fun last night! I love my friends! Thanks for the wild times guys! I sang, I drank, I laughed my face off. Ate too much junk food. Definitely a successful weekend. Now a day of rest and recovering from my hangover before Monday arrives! 


  1. One of these days I'm gonna make it to a Halloween party with you guys. *nods with determination*

    Your costume is SO badass!

    Looks like a blast was had. Glad you had fun. :D

  2. wow your costume is super awesome and totally insane lookin , in a good way :) , Also that bathroom looks like it just came from a horror movie lol , I also love when people get into the Halloween spirit

  3. Such fun awesomeness! You rock those horns too!

  4. Haha thanks gang! I had a blast bloodying up the shirt and getting all the little pieces together. I do insane well :D

    And ivy, you're not the first to say I rock the horns. I guess my inner demon is showing. Heh.


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