Monday, 7 November 2011

Genre Talk: Human Centipede...The Musical?

So I've been reading a lot of different reviews of the second Human Centipede movie, and while I'm still not sure if I wanna see it, I did see the original. Perhaps when I get around to it, I will do a review of both movies if the mood strikes me. But this post is about something else. Related, but only because it is also about being sewn ass-to-mouth together...

In my wanderings on the internet I stumbled across something pretty fucked up. Awesome, but seriously whacked. It's something I could think to do if I was hyper on too much sugar, or if I drank too much. I could see myself having a dream like this after watching the original Human Centipede. Sometimes my mind is cracked like that. I once thought of writing an entire musical version of Nightmare on Elm Street. For real guys. But for once, I didn't think of it! This weird ass shit (HAHAHA! "Ass Shit" get it?) was someone else's idea, and it was REALIZED. Usually people talk me down from my dumb ideas.

Let me show you the magic that is The Human Centipide: The Musical. You can thank me later.

I hope that amused you. I kinda love it actually. It reminds me of Cannibal: The Musical, which I also love. Maybe it's because I am a musical lover. Maybe it's because it's a crazy, out-there concept. Maybe it's because the songs get stuck in my head. Or maybe, it's because I love when crazy ideas I'd think of in a moment of inspired madness are made realized by someone else, because everyone tries to dissolve mine. I suppose they don't want me to create monsters. But monsters are AWESOME!

Now I got the songs stuck in my head...I need more cold and flu drugs obviously.


  1. Haha, that is what I like to call craptastic!

    And you won an award, <3

  2. I would say that video was "tongue in cheek" but I fear it would lead to darker jokes ;)

  3. Ha! Brilliant! I will be pointing a few folks here to check in on this post. We had a Human Centipede party for the first film and a night of live performance like this would've been a great way to kick that event off.

  4. Oh Cherry Neko! You're an adorable little cupcake of awesome! Thank you for the award!

    HAHAHA you can say terrible jokes on my blog WicKED. ;)

    Go right ahead and point people my way King Unicorn. It's nice to know people appreciate the weird shit I do! That event of yours sounds delightful.


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