Friday, 6 January 2012

Kweeny Reviews...

Why are bad movies so awesome? Why do some of us flock to them in droves like crack addicts looking for our fix? I think it's because we, the fans of terrible films, see the genuine love the people in these films put out despite the complete failures these movies are. And we can laugh, and love the films for it.

I just finished watching a documentary called Best Worst Movie, and now I wanna get my hands on a copy of Troll 2. If a movie that bad can make people love it that much, there has to be something special about it. This documentary though is about the people who love the film and who made the film. Some of the scenes are really touching. Like how the cast, most of which never made movies before and half of which never made another film, get a surprise when they realize their crappy, independently-made film has become a cult success. One day when they are all older and have moved on in their lives, they catch on to the fact their terrible film is being shown all over the world! Think the Rocky Horror phenomenon but with a more horrible movie! No sweet transvestites here! No Tim Curry in fishnets! (even though I love any chance to see Tim Curry in fishnets...)

I had a lot of fun watching this, and now I want to subject Mad Jester to an "Aaaarg My Fucking Eyes!" night of Troll 2! Yeah if you are reading this Jester, this is gonna beat out your Hard Rock Zombies! *cackles madly*

Anyhow, it's a fascinating documentary with a lot of heart. It shows the love horror fans, and bad movie fans have for what they love. That we are a special breed of fandom. For me personally, anything horror floats my boat. Sometimes I want a prime rib steak. Sometimes though, I want the crappiest junk food out there. Bad horror is my junk food. And there is something beautiful about that first bite of a chocolate bar when you've had a shitty day.


  1. You had me at Tim Curry in fishnets.

    Oh, wait, you said something else too... I am so easily distracted.

  2. I really enjoyed Both of these movies. Troll 2 is not bad and worth a watch! Best Worst Movie is a total blast and fun to watch. Makes me want to have a Troll 2 party. But I'm with you I love low to no budget movies that most would not give the time of day to.

  3. Troll 2 is available from Netflix streaming. I'm waiting for Best Worst Movie to become available. I've been wanting to see that since I heard about on Doug Loves Movies.

  4. Hell-o Kweeney Todd.... The Doctor here I just thought I would tell you I made a couple of "Sweeney Todd" With music videos ( Including "My Friends" )

  5. Hello Miss Kweeny Todd.... Your old friend the Doctor here ... Just to tell you that I found something "humorous" ..Check it out ...posted "Happy Days" on my blog .... enjoy and take care....
    ....Dr. Theda

  6. If you did not care for the last "Sweeney Todd" Post ... then you should enjoy my latest offering
    your friend ...the Doctor


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