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Monster Mavens: Miss Gory Rae

Sorry for the lateness readers, but this is a meaty little interview! Sink your teeth in and enjoy! Hopefully it will give you all the Gory nourishment you could ever need. ;)

In honour of WIHM, I have an interview with a very special woman. Those of you who have been following along know I love horror hosts. They are a special breed of horror icon and fan that is sadly a rare commodity these days. They opened a lot of young minds to the genre (I being one of them) by being our guides through the Underworld of horror. Be the films good or bad, the horror host was there to give a special flare to your viewing enjoyment.

Miss Gory Rae keeps that proud tradition alive in her own way. I am thrilled she took the time out to be with me today, so without further rambling I bring you Canada’s Leading Horror Hostess with the mostess!

First off, thank you very much Miss Gory Rae for being here on Kweeny Todd! 

Goryious Greetings, Kweeny! May I say that you look ghastly today? Thank you very much for inviting me to share sordid secrets with you...

Well, it helps that I have demon barber possessing my body. He keeps me up you might say...But enough about me, let’s get right down to the meaty details shall we? What made you want to be a horror hostess? What started little Gory on the road to becoming what she is today?

Well! I shall make this as painful as possible...As I explain in the opening of THE GORY HOLE: Unlive, I was a happy harlot of doom, potions and notions...typical Scarlet Woman wanderings along with Mr.Crowley and other shady characters, whom I do love dearly...when, all of a sudden, because I showed 'abominable abilities' (and had the right shade of red hair) I was snatched up by a conglomerate of candid secret societies, and in 1913, was damned to the guillotine. I doth protested...but, it seemed that there were too many minions with a greater grand plan...I was to be re-animated by the very top mad-minded Scientists. Of course...I only awoke to find this all out, and upon waking on that cold slab, I was inducted into ICK (International Creature Klatch) as a Teratologist, To this day...I am a agent, part of many Monster purveyors, bound to keep the precious balance betwixt Humans and, of course...Beings such as you and I.

We are a special breed of creature indeed. (red hair and all!) But I'm curious, what’s the horror community like in Vancouver? Do you find it different than other places?

Well Kweeny..I really did not get to choose to be here, I originally was a high ranking officer in Columbus Ohio, (where I am going to be for the first time back since 'the incident', at HHW 2012) You see? I may be a witch that escaped the burning stake, but I eventually did get a peer, a jealous peer...a peer that I shall one day get my revenge upon...But, that is neither here nor there. Vancouver is the end of N. America as far as the West. There is a massive amount of abnormal activity, why we have Ogopogo, Our Sea Serpent...Oh! And of course The Sasquatch clans, plus your usual monsters moanin and groanin, biting and fighting...Yes, Meridian does lay here, and it is up to Agents of ICK to maintain the delicate balance.

Is there less of a following for Horror Hosts in Canada or just not enough people up North willing/crazy enough to do it? (Maybe they just aren't as gory as you are...)

Playing 'Hostess' is a secondary job really...It also allows me to enjoy doing what I really love, and that is gab about Horror in general. Being a 'Frightslinger'...(The very old term...) or 'Host' as you put it, allows me to blend in, and never have to explain my actions. I cannot really tell you why they are not any more if us around up here, There was an excellent broadcast that was on about 35+ years ago...which my personal Saint, Vincent Price, hosted, and created by a genuine genius called HILARIOUS HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN, which is one of The Great White Norths pride when it comes to all things Frightful and OH so Delightful...But? Alas, save for the others that work in the ...whats the word? 'Industry'? They have all chosen a completely different route, an imperative one, of course, which Canada is VERY proud to have, But, as I say...I cannot think of one other, or a valid reason, sadly.

Ah Vincent Price, a top favorite of mine as well. That show was filmed in my home town even! You have good taste Miss Gory! But I digress...would you say it’s hard to be a horror hostess? What sort of qualifications would you say one needs to walk down such a path? What are some of the struggles you've had doing this gig?

Well...Firstly? Since I am, and have been more or less a Live event sort, as opposed to being on cable access and the such, I am currently only able to play my show on the fantastic MONSTER CHANNEL (  I am quite proud to say that it is run, maintained, programmed, and kept 'alive', pardon the pun, by Monsters, or other 'Hosts', as you say. If Canada would only allow opportunities like the U.S, I know I would be able to conquer the null factor of being alone in this. But fortunately...little by little Canadian haunters and their kin are shivering up to the idea, and as I said, since I do prefer, and always have for the last 2 decades, preferred performing live, (Google 'ME' for links to the myriad of many clips live.) I never fear struggling, as I always say "What doesn't kill you, makes you a monster."

Great quote! Reminds me of Aeon Fluxx actually, "What doesn't kill you makes you stranger." I bet you've met some interesting people in your travels. Who would you say are some of your favourite people you’ve met at conventions? Also would you say the fandom of horror is the reason you do what you do? Why is it so important to you? (Have a double whammy Miss Gory!)

Of COURSE! Some of the best 'beings a gal could Hmmmmmmm...You said "people". Well, I suppose that is what humans are called. I prefer the term "Beings", as "people" is far too common for the Fright freaks, and all around most impeccable creatures I could ever have hope to have met, known, etc. I am not one for dropping names...But there are pulenty of pics in some of my convention albums that will give you a hint or two.*winks* No! Fandom is the last reason I do what I do! I simply feel and always have, that the 'atypical' monsters, or any semblance of sympathizers are imperative on this planet. Can you imagine a world without 'wonders'? Freaks? or as some would even go as far to say, abnormalities? If we did not have the very idea of Dark and Light, where would humans begin to define the way of opposites? I see beings such as myself as a medium. Sure, we may appear a tad dark, but you really couldn't find a better base of beasts to know. Think of Frankensteins Creation. He was so horribly misunderstood. However it is because of these famous examples that I think we are more accepted, even revered by some fanatics. I dare say I NEVER thought I would see Humans glorifying Zombies (Oh they are a troublesome lot...Trust of my jobs is to side 'em up until they are happily docile, ergo...harmless to the Humans...)

Now you know why I like you so much. I feel the same way about the "monsters" of this world. You are quite the monster lady Miss Gory. Speaking of,  how hard has it been for you as a woman working within the genre. Do people take you seriously?

I do hope so! I know I do...But generally, Yes...the ones that matter to me do, and really? That is a pretty universal way I would think anything would and could want.

Okay here's a bloody question for you: What is the worst movie you've ever seen?

Oh! Now that is just asking me to be mean...Besides, as I said...I so not drop names, or name any piece of work that deserves to be blatantly blamed for being bad...However, IF I must choose one...*thinks* I think anything with Jenifer Aniston doing the rom com thing shouldn't be available to view. (Gives the wrong message...) hehehehehe.

If you could give advice to someone reading this right now, who’s thinking, “I wish I could do that.” What would you say? How would you inspire them to fight for their dreams? (Feel free to Pimp your stuff too. Give us a place to find the Gory Details!)

I would say anything in your state or time of living is worth fighting you never know when you may be snapped up, have your head lopped off, re-attached, and then sent out by a secret society to help keep the spirit alive, so to speak.

Listen to your gut.

Don't just wake up one day and say to yourself "Gee, I think I am going to change my identity, beliefs, family, fiends, run off to NOT TOPIC and spend that evil green paper on becoming something you are not...Because the ONLY being you are going to end up hurting is yourself...

There is a place for every soul, whether it be Monster or Maker, Doctor, or Baker...Candlestick maker...EVERYONE has a job that only their heart can decide.

This? Was just MY destiny...I cannot tell people to fake it...(although trust me, as you know many do...But really? How happy can you be if you have to fake everything...besides, you will get caught...and that would suck...I reckon.)

Be true to thyself.

(I am sorry I combined some questions...but I felt I answered them in other answers...PLEASE let me know if you aren't too happy with that!)

As for anything else to pimp...I ask that you only choose pics of me in character...But you have my permission to pic which ones you like..I personal like the ones up on my page now...

I am also, as I said, a guest at this years Horror Hound WKND in Columbus Ohio, along with the rest of the other hosts, and I tend to do CRYPTICON in Seattle if I can...I am also in a year long contest to become Spokes-model for Scares That Care..(I will put up my banner) to vote for me, it costs a dollar, but it is that which is why I did it, as no matter what? It helps sick kids, and raises breast cancer awareness)

All of my links, and so forth are in my profile, or Fanpage:

 Thank you for having & hearing me Kweeny, you are definitely well on your way to being a true pest to the very best!! I kid, of course...THAT is how I compliment competent creeps...
It has been a bloomin blast...Please, DO Creepin touch!

And thank you Miss Gory! I had a delightful time! Continue to spread the gore far and wide! Canada needs more gore! 


  1. What a great interview! And wow, picture #2 is some batcrap scary stuff right there! Cheers all around!

  2. I thought that your statement about "Being Yourself" is a very good point .... I have always been "different" (often told that I was "weird" because of my life-long love of all things Horror) So Dr. Theda is not an ""act"... I do have "multiple-Personality Disorder" And the Doctor is with me anyway.... This other "persona" is and has been for many years, a major motivating force in my life.... as Robert Bloch once stated " Your insanity will have formed Habits, learn to Train those Habits..." Thus we make good use of many of my mental problems.... So what if I am indeed "crazy"... I intend to make the most of what-ever time I have left....(Due to my health worsening I do Not really know just how many years we have left...) So Long Live The Doctor..... even if "Stacey" may be gone.... to create something to live on after you are passed on... In my case ...Dr. Theda

  3. Awesome interview, Kweeny! Miss Gory seems soooo cool. I love her opinion on being yourself! Great advice. It totally would suck anus sauce if you were caught in the act! :P

  4. I can't believe I put anus sauce...sorry. :(

    Anyhow. Very inspiring woman.


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