Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Needful Things: Kweeny's New Toy!

So I got a late Christmas gift yesterday that has become my new favourite shinny! I thought I'd show it off for you guys, since I'm all stupid happy about it:

Meet my new baby Jub Jub! Jub Jub is a Nook Tablet, and can do all sorts of kick ass shit, like read books, play games, surf the net, and watch TV!

It's like having a little mini computer! The screen actually has an amazing picture display, but I have been touching it a lot with my meaty fingers. I'm just smearing my scent on it so people know it's mine! Also, the camera doesn't seem to want to focus on the screen. Oh well.

Yeah, my first downloads on the thing were not books. Nope. I bought ANGRY BIRDS first. Why? Because I love that stupid game. It gives me something to trash-talk when I am on the bus or hanging out at a friends. "Stupid pigs! Why won't you die? ARGH!!!!" I plan to purchase some books real soon for it, and already installed books I had lying around on my laptop.

As you can see, me and Jub Jub are getting along fine. And it tastes kinda bland, but I didn't buy it for it's flavor. I bought it so I could have something compact I could travel with that does most of what my laptop does. The only thing I wouldn't do on it is play my Steam games and write. That's what Dark Phoenix is for.


NOTE: I name my electronics. Hell, I pretty much name everything. Jub Jub was the first name that came to me when I saw my Nook. And Dark Phoenix is a crotchety old computer who could live through a nuke going off. She's not pretty by any means, but she's tough for her age. Hence why I have Jub Jub now. So she can have a break once in a while and let the youngen take over. :)


  1. Gotta love the tablets. Some people hate them.
    I have the Kindle Fire. I like playing the games, and Netflix on the go.

  2. For that screen - get one of those lens cloths for glasses or printer glass - wipes that finger grease right off!

  3. Good idea! I shall have to acquire said item. Thanks Craig!

  4. Sweet gear. After turning my nose up at them since the launch of the iPad, I finally broke down and bought myself an Android tablet. And I love it. And I think it loves me back. I had neither thought to name it nor lick it until I saw your post. Now I plan to do both. I'm thinking Ozymandias for the name, and a long, slow top-right to bottom-left diagonal tonguestroke. I'll have to give it some thought though...

  5. I name many of my electronics too.

    My phone is Androidmeda
    My main computer is Sekhmet
    My Transformer tablet is Melatron
    Our newer laptop is Lightshifter
    Our older laptop is Overwrought
    Cristof's computer is Basilisk



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