Saturday, 12 May 2012

In Kweeny's Gory Kingdom...

Things have been a bit crazy lately. But mostly in the most awesome of ways. Not only did I acquire a signed copy of a Troma comic, I finally made the decision to get into making indie films of my own. So the irony of being given a signed Troma comic book seems like serendipity...

Squeee! Thanks Merlin! Gonna frame this puppy!
Inspiration sparked rather suddenly a few days ago, when I saw this video:

And I said out loud for once for all to see, "Kinda inspires me to try and make a movie..."

Now, I've said it before, but only half heartedly. Never really seriously. And mostly just to myself. This time, people jumped on it, and said, "Yes, yes you should!" and I actually let the idea sit inside me instead of pushing it away as fantasy.

It may seem on the outside like a "snap" decision. Like I just took this up on a whim suddenly. And I'm sure for some film makers, it's exactly like that. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Some of the best shit ever created was done on a whim. But for me, this was more like a revelation. Like finally realizing what you've always wanted to do but never let yourself believe.

I've spent my whole life being a storyteller in one form or another. I am obsessed with telling stories. I have been since I was a wee thing and would put on performances in my grandmother's living room, hamming it up and telling everyone fantastic yarns. It's where I shine the brightest. It's what makes me the happiest. So I have been trying to find just the prefect medium to tell my tales with. I grew up a music lover, but realized after I trained for years to be an opera singer and got rejected from the Conservatory of Music in Toronto, that the stage was not for me. I wrote plays in high school, but hated being on stage. I was okay with minor rolls, but I never liked lead rolls. Avoided them like the plague. But I LOVED writing scripts. I loved directing and doing back stage work. Loved helping to create the tale from behind the scenes more than being a character in it. And I've done short story and novel writing. None of my novels to date have been published, but I have credits as a short story writer, horror journalist and editor. I do love writing novels and short pieces, don't get me wrong. I probably will always come back to it too. But I remember the day in college (I studied Professional Writing, and got to taste all flavors of storyteller) when I got to study Film and Script writing. I had a BLAST. I wrote a feature horror film, totally in the vein of Troma films, and loved it. I slaved over the thing like I was possessed. I was deeply in love and didn't know it.

And if you have been reading this blog for a while, then you know I have a love for film. A deep love, even when I am tearing a film apart. My favourite films swing between really deep, horrific pieces like May, Ginger Snaps, or Martyrs to Troma-B-Movie shlock like Troll 2, Critters, Cannibal: The Musical!, etc.

Of course there is my Horror musical obsession, but I digress... 
I just could not let myself ever consider the idea of even trying to be a film maker. I wasn't ready to dare. Wasn't safe enough in my personal life. I didn't have the connections or support I do now to truly venture into this friggen scary world. But I am ready now.

And most of all, it makes me feel hungry again.

My husband yesterday said to me that once I decided to "finally make a movie" things made more sense to him. Things I have done without thinking about it. Like how I write, why I write. The movies I love. The people I admire. The obsessions I have. He said, "You're stories are written from a 3rd person, non-omniscient point of view. As if they were being told through the lens of a camera." I think I've secretly in my heart of hearts wanted to be a filmmaker. I just...never let myself believe it.

So, with the help of a rag-tag group of fellow dreamers who believe in me, I'm going to start my very own first short indie horror film! For fun! For a lark! Because I dare and fucking can! Because it might actually turn out good, or maybe it will be hilariously horrible! Either way, I want to try!

So there it is! In writing! 

Let's see how far this phoenix can fly.


  1. Your phoenix will fly very far indeed, even if I have to launch it out of a potato cannon.

  2. Haha, I'll hold you to that!

  3. Wahoo! Can't wait to see it! :)

  4. TIL; Lady trained to be an opera singer once! *brofist*

    -The Jess

  5. Fuggin hell, we're going to make this awesome, even if it's awesomely bad.

  6. what is it with me and the opera singers? another of my fave people is making plans for audition season in Germany right now. good luck on your adventure! so excited for you!!!

    1. Thanks hon! I'm super stoked about it! Already got a rad-tag group of folks helping me out!

  7. This is sooo awesome! I can't wait to check it out. I know it'll be great.

    1. Aww! Thanks! :D I'm hoping I can get a grant to help fund stuff. They have a grant here in Oregon I'll attempt to apply for.


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