Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Kweeny Sings, "Hello My Friends..."

I got some talented friends and fans! Recently, I got some art from a friend who loves the blog, and did an awesome drawing of all the people who make Kweeny Todd possible. Check it out!

From left to right: Mad Jester (Reviewer Slave), Kweeny Todd (The Demon Blogger herself), and Bear, (mate to Kweeny and sometimes Game Reviewing Slave). I love our horrified expressions! You just know we are watching something terrible like Hard Rock Zombies!

Pretty nifty huh? Thank you Patricia Young for your awesome art skills!

Also, this Friday is the blogs 1st Anniversary! I got something special planned, and new features coming! The blog is growing up folks, and I have plans...oh do I ever have plans...*evil cackles*

Stay Tuned...


  1. 'Reviewer Slave' my ass! Keep that up and I'll hang myself by my manacle-chains! :P

  2. Silence minion or I'll make you watch The Room!

  3. That is fantastic! congrats on the 1 year. I just posted #300 and can not believe I have made it this far!

    1. Time does fly when you're having fun huh? ;)


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