Monday, 3 September 2012

Wicked Weapons: The Scalpel

For this segment of Wicked Weapons, I thought I'd take a look at a weapon more commonly used as a tool of healing rather than killing. Please welcome to the family of murderers weapons, the very sharp and very deadly Scalpel. 

This weapon isn't as well known in horror as some of the others I have featured here, even though it's in quite a few movies. While it has seen a resurgence when it became the favored weapon of Nathan in Repo! The Genetic Opera, it hasn't had the spotlight in many films that truly showcase it. It's not like you can't find them all over hospitals, but it's not as iconic like some weapons. It doesn't have the fan service flash that Freddy's claw has, nor is it super practical like the Machete. It is a small, very sharp blade used mostly for surgery. (and yes, I heard SURGERY, SURGERY in my head from Repo! the moment I said that word! Don't judge me!) Surgery is all about healing the sick. No one intentionally uses a scalpel in surgery unless they are trying to "fix" a problem internally. However, the scalpel is a very efficient murder weapon, because it takes very little effort to use and it is concealable!

The Night Surgeon is a messy worker.

However scalpel's (unless intentionally stylized like in Repo!) are not made to be pretty to look at. Some might find their sleek, plain design to be pretty. Overall, they are built for function over fashion. This is probably why they are all over the place in horror films, but not really given much thought. They have handles that hold the tiny, extremely sharp blade. They are made from materials that are easy to clean and sterilize. Usually they are made of either tempered steel, stainless steel, or high carbon steel, but they can also be found with other materials like diamond or obsidian as the blade. Now wouldn't that be something? An obsidian scalpel! Mmm shiny...

They have different "head" designs too!

Of course if you want to slowly torture someone, this blade is prefect for that job. You can cut someone while awake, and they wont feel it right away, because of how sharp the blade is. Of course that's if you are going slowly, and taking your time with your victim. Nathan isn't known for taking his time.

Also, scalpels are get for delicate work. You can go as deep as you want into the flesh, or just draw lightly over it and leave a calling card. Jigsaw in the Saw movies would carve very carefully little puzzle pieces out of his victims with a scalpel.

Just need a little piece of you...

Another movie that enjoys using scalpels: Dr. Giggles. This movie is an old, cheesy classic. But the character of Dr. Giggles is one of the many reasons why I hate doctors. He used some other creepy fucking killing tools in that movie too. But there is something horrifying about being on a slab, cut open, vulnerable to the doctor holding the knife. Usually in real life we don't have to be awake to see whatever procedure is being done to us, but in Dr. Giggles, he likes to see you squirm.

Hey, I thought you needed a hand! I am a doctor! 

Of course, one of my favorite serial killers uses scalpel's all the time. Oh Dexter, you aren't supposed to make murdering look so sexy! *fans self* But considering his job, and the fact he is a very "clean" killer, he can have easy access to scalpels and other surgical equipment. One of the first rituals he preforms when killing is slicing someone's cheek with a scalpel and taking a sample of their blood.

I am a dark passenger...and I kill and I kill...

In closing, the scalpel may look harmless, but you wouldn't want to wake up on someone's slab and see it come down on your skin. As always, feel free to share some of your favorite scenes with scalpels in them, as I really didn't have the room or time to talk about every movie that ever had a scalpel in it. Next time you see the doctor and he tells you it's time for surgery, I hope you think of Nathan Wallace like I do and freak out just a little. *evil smirk*

Just take a little off the top! No one will miss it!


  1. Another advantage of scalpels, they are lightweight enough for a four-year-old recently back from the grave to wield. And for my money, zombie Gage is way more adorable than pre-Pet Sematary Gage.

  2. had one used on my neck earlier today...still Hurts...

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