Monday, 3 September 2012

It's Not A Gory Kingdom Without A Jester

After hearing the news that one of my best friends and fellow reviewer-minion here at Kweeny Todd had been hospitalized, I knew I had to do something. Poor Mad Jester didn't just end up in the hospital once. His asthma was so bad he kept going into the hospital just to breathe. Not a fun thing, and something I can sympathize with, as I too am an asthma sufferer. But since he is AAAAALLLL the way in Ontario Canada, and I am here in Oregon, my powers are limited. But I STILL have mad skillz! For I have the power of networking! Friendship is magic right?

And you've probably noticed some lovely artwork showing up on the blog here. That's because we wrangled us a talented artist: Patricia Young. She is our official Art Lady, and at my command will make magic happen with pen and ink! Which is better than me trying to draw with crayons! (even though some people find those to be entertaining. I like to convince myself I am an artist.)

So, I schemed with my Art Lady, and we came up with a little surprise for the poor Jester. So here you go big guy! Know that even though I only let you out of the cage to do reviews for me, I can't live without you. So stop trying to fucking die already! Just think of all the lovely things life has to offer. Like for example:


But in all seriousness, get well soon Mad Jester. The Gory Kingdom needs a court Jester. <3


  1. Get well soon, Mad Jester! Great artwork! :)

  2. Awww, you guys sure know how to make a maniac feel loved. <3

    Thank you so much! Rest assured, I'm back to fightin', foolin' fit, and if I go back to the hospital at all it's to wrangle up parts for Project Frankenjes- er, I'm not going back to the hospital. Nope.


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