Thursday, 18 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 18

I got quite the eclectic mix of movies in today. Everything from a cheesy gorefest, to a faux documentary on vampires, to classic horror shlock. Even watched the premiere of The Walking Dead!

Piranha (88 mins/2010)

Kweeny's Rating: FISHSTICKS!

Summary: If you want T &A, gore, cheesey dialogue and a silly premise about prehistoric -man-eating-piranha, this movie is for you! Seriously I got nothing else to really say about it. It's campy and fun and kinda mindless. Sometimes mindless is good though. I don't always wanna rip my soul out and put it in a blender when watching horror.

Vampires (88mins/2010)

Kweeny's Rating: Surprisingly Awesome!

Summary: I'd like to do a full review on this sometime, because it really was a good film. It's a faux-documentary about a family of bloodsucking vamps living the "dream" in french-speaking Belgium. I found the film to have a dark, morbid sense of humor about itself while still having some really unnerving scenes. I like the fact they don't dumb down their vampires, and touch on the older myths about how vampires are actually predators! I think people have forgotten how monstrous a vampire can be, with all the Twatlight non-sense. But this movie reminds you, brutally, that vampires are not human creatures.

Special note: The shots of the vampires in Montreal Canada really made me homesick. I had to focus during those scenes because they distracted me. Not because the film wasn't engaging, I just miss Canada. Even the horrible winters. They even showed the vampires hanging out in one of my favourite goth stores in Montreal: Cruella!

The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere (45 mins/2010-)

Kweeny's Rating: Zombietastic!

Summary: I stumbled upon this today for free on AMC's site, which was AWESOME. I got to see everyone find the prison, see Machonne (My fav character from the comic) and watch more zombie slaying goodness. I won't say much else so I don't spoil for others, but it was intense and good. Mmm brainsssss.

 Mad Monster Party? (94 mins/1967)

Kweeny's Rating: Rankin-puppets!

Summary: This is a  Rankin/Bass movie I had never seen! And all the monster greats are in it: Dracula, The Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster and his mate, The Invisible Man, Swamp Thing, The Wolfman, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Boris Karloff plays Baron Boris von Frankenstein, and Phyllis Diller is in it too as the Monster's Mate. I think for all the creatures in it, and for Boris Karloff, I should get some sweet points out of this one alone.

Curse of the Devil (73 mins/1973)

Kweeny's Rating: Hungry like the Wolf

Summary: Paul Naschy stars in this pretty cheese-tastic film that I think would probably make a good addition to the Aaaarg My Fucking Eyes collection! It's so bad it's funny! I wanna smoke whatever shit they were smoking when they made this one! It's got werewolves, gypsy's, witch burnings and SATAN! Plus since I watched it before Sat, I am gonna get some sweet points for this. So it was totally worth watching, even though I really wanted some special brownies while viewing it to make things make more sense.

Now to get another film in for tomorrow before I head off to Portland and have my Halloween Haunted House MADNESS FUN! That's right, I am going to visit some friends in Portland so I can visit the famous Fright Town! Even Rue Morgue liked it! I'm pretty excited! I get points even for The Madness marathon for going! Woo hoo!

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