Saturday, 20 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 20

So I've had quite the eventful day. Started my day with a movie, then went to an awesome Murder Mystery Dinner Theater event, then came home and watched some more movies while carving pumpkins! It's been a fun trip, and I am glad I got to spend such fun holiday adventures with great friends.

Here are my movies for today's MADNESS:

The Woman in Black (95 mins/2012)

Kweeny's Rating: NEVER FORGIVE!

Summary: A delightfully dark ghost story, one I haven't seen done in a really long time. (unless you count J-horror, that always does amazing vengeful ghost stories) I had wanted to see this for a while now, but never got around to it. My friends insisted I see it with them, and I am glad they did. It's really well done, and has some pretty creepy scenes.

Young Frankenstein (105 mins/1974)

Kweeny's Rating: It's ALIVE!

Summary: Classic Mel Brooks! One of my favourites, and Gene Wilder is brilliant in it. I love the humor in the classic story of Frankenstein. In the end, don't we all just wanna be loved? No matter how hideous or Ab-Normal our brains are?

Nightmare Before Christmas (76 mins/1993)

Kweeny's Rating: This is HALLOWEEN!

Summary: I can't seem to NOT watch this while carving pumpkins. I did last year too. It just seems like the prefect movie to watch while creating my ghoulish pumpkin. And the music in it is so catchy, you sing it even when you haven't seen the movie in months.  It is one of my all time favorites of Tim Burton.

And that will do me until I can get home tomorrow. I'll post pictures of my pumpkins later for you to enjoy. (I got to do two!)

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  1. I too was really impressed with the Woman in Black...that could have gone wrong, but it was very creepy. Definitely a new fav!



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