Monday, 22 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 22

Well I got a week of intense movie watching to do. I thought I'd start small with a couple movies. Tomorrow I plan to do my Elvira Movie Marathon, then Wednesday a Halloween Marathon. Today's picks are:

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (78 mins/1920)

Kweeny's Rating: Darkly Wonderful

Summary: They don't make movies like this one anymore. This silent ara film is the story of Dr. Caligari and his travelling hypnotized companion Ceasre who predicts the future. (mostly because he kills the people he predicts are gonna die.) It's a delightfully dark tale, and I love that so much can be conveyed with only images,a few words scribbled on cards and music.

Brain Dead (85 mins/2007)

Kweeny's Rating: YAWNSAUCE

Summary: I really thought this was gonna be the other BRAIN DEAD/Dead Alive movie I was actually trying to find. Netflix tricked me! *shakes fist* And this movie sucked. The effects are sub-par at best, the characters are boring and nothing I haven't seen before, and the zombies are laughable. This one I might come back to and convince Mad Jester to watch for me for Arrrrg My Fucking Eyes.

More movies to come! We are past the half way mark now! Soon Halloween will be upon us, and I have been promised by Sweeney Todd that I can have a break after I finish THE MADNESS! Sweet sleep how I miss thee.

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