Saturday, 27 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 27

Lord Bearington and I had a lovely time at the Fairytale Themed Halloween party last night. Lots of fun, games, food and friends. I even got to dusk off the old tiara and felt like a Fey Queen for a night. It was Fabulous! Thank you to the hosts for the lovely time.

So today I got a few more movies in for the Marathon, while fighting a cold. I guess I partied too hard lately, and this was my body's way of saying so. Here are my contributions to THE MADNESS:

 Demons (88 mins/1985)

Kweeny's Rating: Demon Apocalypse!

Summary: So Lord Bearington had never seen the insanity that is this movie. I had to show him, plus it has awesome transformations so I can't go wrong with that! I think the special effects are the best part of this film. I mean there's no real plot, and as his Lordship said, "This movie has all the you want in a movie, even if it makes no friggen sense to have in there!" And that sums it up doesn't it? But it's still fun to watch!

Maniac Cop (85 mins/1988)

Kweeny's Rating: He's a Maniac... *sings*

Summary: Wow, I had forgotten how terrible this movie is. The 80's was filled with movies like these. But you know what? It had Bruce Campbell. I love watching young Bruce on screen. The polt of the movie is basically this cop looses his shit and starts killing people, as well as cops. Bruce Campbell's character gets framed for the crazy man you see in this picture. He's the real killer. but he looks kinda like a zombie, even though I don'tThe Cal think they meant him to look that way. he had a terrible accident that deformed him like that but damn dude...he's got bits falling off and everything.

The Caller (92 mins/2011)

Kweeny's Rating: Don't Call Me Anymore

Summary: I asked his Lordship to pick a random movie to watch, and he chose this one. So I blame him for wasting 92 mins of my life. I mean, the premise has potential, but I get tired of weak-willed women letting people push them around. And this happens to Mary A LOT. She wouldn't even be in this mess if she put her friggen foot down to begin with. I tend to yell at the screen a lot during movies like this one, because I hate when characters do STUPID THINGS just to advance the plot. It's not necessary to tell your story!

And that's my movie picks for tonight. Gonna watch some RuPaul's Drag Race before bed, and hopefully I won't dream of transforming into a Maniac-Cop-Demon who prank calls my neighbors.

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