Tuesday, 30 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 30

Aaaah Devil's Night, or as some know it, All Hallows Eve! Tomorrow ghouls and ghosties will trick or treat! Pumpkins will be carved and alight with flame, people will decorate their houses with monsters...*contented sigh* The one day of the year where I am a normal person, and no one looks at me with sideways glances or asks me about where I got my hair dye and tattoos! FOR I AM JUST ANOTHER CREATURE AMONG CREATURES! *cackles madly*

Anyhow, I got a couple more movies in for the Marathon, and I will try to get a few more in before tomorrows end. I will feel a bitter sweet pain once Halloween is over. But as you all know:

My movie picks for today where:

Chillerama (1 hr. 52 mins/2011)

Kweeny's Rating: Friggen HILARIOUS!

Summary: I love, love, LOVE this terrible, awesome movie! The first time I saw this with Lord Bearington we cracked up laughing, because it's just ridiculous fun. It's so well made that you can tell the bad effects are done on purpose, and that they had fun making it. The stories in this collection are over the top and weird, but still paying tribute to old drive-in movies you might have watched as a kid. I remember drive-ins, and miss them to bits. There is something wonderful about watching films under a starry night sky.

Dead Snow (91 mins/2009)

Kweeny's Rating: Braiiinnnssssss...

Summary: Since I was on a good-bad movie kick, I popped this one in after Chillerama. I mean, LOOK at the picture here! It's about undead NAZI zombies! How can you not love that? It even starts off with the typical tropes of a bunch of young people go up to a cabin in the woods and BAM! Evil Dead *cough* I mean snow-covered-Nazi-zombies...It's a fun film. 

And that's it for today! Very close to the witching hour now...I shall greet Halloween soon! 

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