Wednesday, 31 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 31

It's my holiday and I'll stab a bitch if I want to!
Well today marks the end of my Halloween Countdown and Horror Movie Marathon Madness! *sniffle* Parting is such sweet sorrow. I have a few more movies to end with, and a little treat! I was invited on the NW Nerdcast, so you can hear my exceptional geekiness talk about horror, gaming and more horror!  It's a great podcast especially if you're a dirty gamer like me! What kind of movies did I dig up from beyond the grave? Well, I started exploring Hulu to see what free stuff I could find, and there she was! The Mistress of the Dark herself with new shows to enjoy on Movie Macabre! 

They're coming to get you Barbara! 
So here are my picks for Halloween. One movie I thought was part of Movie Macabre, wasn't but I watched it anyway because it had Tom Selleck. LOL! That mustache...

Blinded by the poor special effects!
Elvira's Movie Macabre: I Eat your Skin (1hr 32 mins/1964)

Kweeny's Rating: *Dances to drum beats*

Summary: This one draaaags on, but if it wasn't for Elvira popping in and out and making hilarious jokes I think I would have fallen asleep. There's a bunch of "voodoo" stuff in it, because the zombies are made through voodoo magic, but it's all hokey as hell. I did enjoy it though, because Elvira sings a song to the tune of Gilligan's Island about the characters in the film! Best part of the movie!

Did someone call for some hairy MAN CANDY? 
Daughters of Satan (90 mins/1972)

Kweeny's Rating: Tom Selleck mustache goodness! 

Summary: Ooooh man! I started watching this one because I thought it was part of the Hulu Movie Macabre collection and it just played right after the last one. Of course, little did I know I was on a journey into a steaming pile of SATAN WORSHIPING! Wooo hooo! And then I saw in the credits Tom was in it and I was just like, "Oh be still my heart. 70's shlock with Tom Selleck!" So now I know what movie I shall force upon Mad Jester for our next AMFY's segment! *evil cackles* Actually, I got a few I can use thanks to this movie marathon! Not gonna run out of shlock any time soon!

Elvira's Movie Macabre: Night of the Living Dead (120 mins/1968)

Kweeny's Rating: Classic meets Elvira! *squeee!*

Summary: Okay, this completed my Halloween. Sure, it's not the last movie I watched, but it is the BEST I watched today. I love George A. Romero's classic, and I love Elvira! So putting them together is like a nightmare come true! This was her way of relaunching her Movie Macabre series, and I can't really think of a better and more suitably Elvira way to do it! Old classic zombie films and Elvira are just meant to be!

That's right camera, look at my butt! LOOK AT IT! 
Elvira's Movie Macabre: The House That Screamed (99 mins/1969)

Kweeny's Rating: Screaming for Elvira!

Summary: So I finished my movie marathon with this movie...which is a bit of a snore-inducer. Luckily Elvira is there to make things at least bearable. She get's paid to put up with these terrible movies, what's my excuse? I suppose I am a horror masochist. I figure watching the bad makes you appreciate the good things in horror all the more. And I like to have fun with my horror. Somehow watching these AWFUL movies is actually fun for me. Some people watch terrible Sci-Fi or Fantasy. I watch horror! DON'T JUDGE ME!

*cough* So anyhow Darlings, Sweeney is telling me it's almost time for costumes and tricks...I mean, TREATS! Yes, I would never TRICK anyone. No, not at all...

Hopefully you are having a spooktacular one! I will be back again don't you fret with more blogging madness, but if you don't see me for a few days it's because I am resting my head from all the crazy movies I watched. I'm telling you, some of these are heaping piles of cracked-out bad, and I will need a few days to remember what good cinema is. See you later gang!

Sweeney says: Might as well face it Kweeny, your addicted to shlock! 


  1. Ha, I EAT YOUR SKIN is so fuckin' silly, it's fun. Horrible make-up and silly acting - enjoyed the shit out of it :-)

    So, you didn't like THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED? Weird, I loved the hell out of it. Thought it's gripping as fuck and the ending left me speechless.

  2. Yeah I eat Your Skin was a lot of fun. :?)

    I didn't really like The House that Screamed. I just couldn't get into it. I thought it was slow, boring drivel that was just playing on ideas I have seen done better. to each their own right?


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