Monday, 5 November 2012

Kweeny Remembers

Warning: The following is a personal post. It might scare you more than spoilers of The Walking Dead because it's full of ideas. ;)

"Remember, remember the 5th of November. The gunpowder, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder, treason should ever be forgot."

I remember showing Bear V for the first time, a year or so before our marriage. I watched the same fire brighten in is his eyes as mine had when I first saw it in theaters. That same fire I brought with me when I debated it in Philosophy class with my favourite teacher. That teacher told me if I could just learn to harness that fire, I could do magnificent things. So when I saw that fire in Bear's eyes, I knew he was my soul mate. I knew it before that moment, but in that moment I had no doubt. He understood the message of V. Understood it on the multiple levels I did. We didn't sleep that night, like many nights when he had to leave on a plane back to America without me. He held me though out night, as we tried to discuss the movie in half-asleep mumbles, our brains buzzing with ideas.

It's Guy Fawkes Day, but also my anniversary with my husband. We chose this day after we saw the movie together to celebrate our relationship. Not just our marriage or how we met. We didn't get to choose our wedding day. The circumstances of our relationship chose for us. We eloped in a small JOP, dressed up as best with could with the little money we had (due to paying so much in immigration fees) and we smiled as a judge rushed us through our vows. She had to, she was a busy lady. But it wasn't the ideal wedding situation.

But at least we can get married. Some of my gay friends cannot. It infuriates me. Any injustice in the world infuriates me. That fire comes back and I want a place to direct it. So all I have is art.

"Artists tell lies to tell the truth, politicians tell lies to cover it up."

I've posted on this day before. It's a very special one for me. A one where I remember my fire and honor it. One where I remember the fire in others and honor that too. And of course, one where I remember that I saw my soul mate and acknowledged him completely, without fear. I remember Valerie's Letter (which is linked in the post I wrote last year) and remind myself what love really is. That for 3 years of marriage, I have had roses, and I apologize to no one for them. My hope is the world gets better, so we all can have roses. Everyone deserves roses.

And yes, sometimes you will be pricked by thorns, but that's better than a world without flowers.


  1. Fantastic! I am blown away by your story and will have to see V ASAP as I am the one ignoramus out there who has not seen it.

  2. The lazy love the flowers, the crazy love the thorns, the visionaries... they love the plant.

  3. Damn you Kweeny! Got me right in the 'feels' as the kids like to say now a days. Definitely got something in my eye. Yup...stupid dust.

    "Artists tell lies to tell the truth, politicians tell lies to cover it up." I am absolutely in love with this quote.


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