Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wicked Weapons: The Axe

It's about time for another segment of Wicked Weapons! I haven't done this column in a while, and I've had time to relax after the craziness that was the month of October. I miss it though. There is a certain magic that permeates October, because we all know Halloween is coming. But it will be back. It always comes back.

For today's Wicked Weapons post I was inspired by watching American Psycho! If you don't know what I am talking about, let me show you:

Oooh yeah! Are you ready to listen to me ramble about the deadly, brutal weapon that is the AXE? Good! Because here it comes...

When I see killers use an axe as their weapon of choice I cannot help but think of barbarian warriors, screaming in a battle fury as they smash a throwing axe into someone's skull. The force of the blow sends the victim reeling as their bodies slam viciously to the ground. Blood splatters the killer like blue woad covers a Celt. Both grin in satisfaction and pull their axe out of the meat of their victim with a grisly squelching sound, tearing more flesh just by taking out their tool. This is the power of the axe. This is why it's a deadly weapon.

The axe is a tool that is most commonly seen used to chop wood. Perhaps you are up visiting your cabin in the woods. You're likely to find an axe somewhere, because you're going to need wood to keep yourself warm. But there is more to this tool then what it initially projects. Like the machete, it is a pretty useful tool. It splits, chops, and cuts wood, making things easier when you need to break down timber. It has a smooth handle for easy gripping, and it's head can come in two blades or one solid blade. It can be made of different metals, like iron, copper or bronze. And it can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The axe even has it's own spiritual side. It has been used as a Heraldic symbol and was wielded by priestesses and priests. Also like the machete, the axe has a very long and rich history. Axes were even used as far back as the Neolithic period! Back then they were made from stone but still had the function of chopping and dicing. Battle axes on the other hand, were used in wars and killed with brutal efficiency. You really didn't want to face someone with an axe. They were usually willing to get right up into your personal space, and the strength that it would take to wield the thing, let alone clock you with it would be pretty substantial. Do not fuck with a crazy warrior holding an axe!

The modern axe however, is a tamer creature. It has been downgraded to chopping wood instead of heads, but it still bears the sharp blade reminiscent of it's ancestors. The modern axe seems on the surface a bland kind of weapon. One you'd not necessarily think of first when going off to do your killing. But that blade is built to chop down huge trees. It can chop a limb in half, even if it takes a few swings to do so. With the right force, you can chop someone to pieces in a very short time. It will be messy, but it will get the job done. Some times messy is more fun anyhow! Put some plastic down and no problem!

Unlike some of the weapons that have been featured, the axe is not shown very often in horror. And while it only makes selective appearances to work as a murderer's trusty helper, the appearances it does have are highly memorable and famous. When it shows up, you know it's serious business time! A few of the most famous appearances are The Shining, Evil Dead and American Psycho. Each of these films has imagery with the axe that is chilling, barbaric, and iconic.

In The Shining, one of the most famous scenes of all is when Jack busts through the door with the axe, then sticks his head through the hole. He looks completely off his rocker! It's awesome and kinda hilarious! (At least I think so. I laugh every time I see it.)

Evil Dead has some scenes with Ash holding the axe, alongside his shotgun. You need to use the best when slaying deadites! More weapons is always okay in my books!

And of course, one of my favorites is Patrick Bateman, showing some axe love when he hacks people up like firewood in American Psycho. He is too sexy for his axe:

These were just a few movies that suck out when I thought about the axe as a killers tool. The fact they stuck out so easily for me though, says something about the effect an axe has in horror films. It leaves a lasting impression, especially in your skull. But what are some of your favourite axe moments? And feel free to school me on films you think I should see that showcase the axe. More axe love for everyone! 


  1. My fave axe moments: Jason's head gets axed for the first time. It's a little crowning moment for him, not only it showed his "immortal" side, pulling his hands out in response to geting the sharp thing strucked into his skull, but it also "marked" his hockey mask, a crack that forever became a frequent feature of his trademark mask.

  2. Oh yeah! That is a really awesome axe moment! Thanks for reminding me of that one!

  3. Axe was a weapon that We learned as a small child....
    We now know how to make explosives, incendiaries or large amounts of poison gas ... from common items...
    And We are "Pissed off"....
    any "suggestions Dear Lady...??"

  4. After viewing the animated movie "Lady Death" ... We are doing much better Now....


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