Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Creepmas Day 12: Krampus Has A Little Helper?


I was thinking, which I know isn't really a good thing half the time as that usually leads to me doing something either stupid, destructive, or crazy, but epiphanies come as they may...

Since Krampus is late for his visit with me, (which I am disappointed in him for. Seriously, who else is EAGER to have him visit like I am?) I started wondering if he had a little helper. You know, like Santa has those annoying, do-gooder elves. They are kinda creepy in their own right...

Shouldn't KRAMPUS have a little helper? I mean, he has to be busy this time of year. I think Santa is needing his free-loading elves less and less, and Krampus is needing help more. There are just too many bad children! I see them all the time. They have more electronics than I do and yet they have tantrums because they can't have the latest X-box-iPad thing! It's crazy! Krampus has to be overworked, which explains why he's late for his visit this year.

He needs help. So I have taken it upon myself to show him I would be PREFECT as a little helper! I'm evil, possessed by a demon barber, and I hate most children! I would love to help him punish all those spoiled brats who cannot appreciate they have loving homes!

So all you little brats out out! Krampus has a little helper. And she has a sharp razor!


  1. Yeah, some of the bratty kids out there could use a visit from Krampus and his little helper! Definitely! :D

  2. Kweeny, you're the badassest Krampus I've ever seen :-)


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