Thursday, 13 December 2012


Ah Creepmas. It always sad when the countdown's over, but I am glad I participated. It always cheers me up just a little to play along. It makes the holidays a little more darker and fun. It reminds me of how holidays should be. Full of creativity, community, and a sense of kinship. I can get really down this time of year, but Creepmas is just what I need to remind me I am not alone. I have even spread "cheer" to some of my friends and readers, and that makes me happy. I like when I can spread my special brand others.

I decided for the last day to have my awesome readers help me send off the final day in style. I asked them to send me some creepy pictures that made them think of the holiday. A few people participated, and maybe next year more will join in. Thank you to those of you who put your creepy two cents in! It feels like we are celebrating the holiday spirit together. :D

So here's a collection of Creepies to end the blogathon on! 

I can really dig this nutcracker...a grave!
I love this for an idea! A skeleton tree! YES! Must try and find a good skeleton for next year...
An army of creepy Santas:

A couple evil snowmen:

My favourite holiday demon! Krampus:

And lastly, this funny image that really does capture how I feel about Christmas tunes in malls:

Thank you all who sent me these awesome images! MERRY CREEPMAS BOILS AND GHOULS! I really do hope you have a lovely holiday full of warmth, love and fun! 


  1. Thanks for this - it was a ton of fun!

    If you're up for some more creepy fun, my 13 Days of Twisted Tinsel Tales began today. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Creepmas with us! Totally enjoyed it! PS - since you like Krampus, check out my blog on the subject from 2010/2011 (if you didn't see it already)

    Merry Creepmas Kweeny!

  3. You know, as an Austrian I fully approve of Krampus :) though he's sadly more and more disappearing here. This year's Krampus day was exceptionally lame. I haven't seen a single Krampus :-(

    Also, love the evil snowman armada [ha! what an epic film title! "The Evil Snowman Armada... Rated R" :D]


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