Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Kweeny Goes Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It snowed a little in Oregon today, which tends to bring mixed feelings for the people who live here. For me, I celebrate when it does, because I know it's rare and wont last. It lingers long enough for me to still find it beautiful and fun! Because having snow for half a day is much more pleasant than having it for 4-6 months, heavy and unrelenting. 

Perspective is a funny thing. Some of my Oregon friends are actually kinda scared of the snow. I suppose I can understand that if it's not something you've lived with your entire life. It's especially upsetting if they can't handle functioning in it, even if a part of me wants to roll my eyes at their whining. It's snow people. It won't kill you. It's not like a Tsunami has hit the city. It's not even what I could consider an intense snowfall. It was a lovely soft dusting of wet, packing snow. Easy to shape! Perfect for snowmen and snowballs!

One of my friends decided we should enjoy this snow while it lasts. So we decided to go out tonight in the graveyard and go walking. Sadly, by the time we got out most of the snow was gone, but I did get some neat winter pictures out of it. Winter is very different here in Oregon. It just feels different than back home in Canada. I like it, because it is temporary. I can appreciate the idea of walking in a graveyard with melting snow. Seems... appropriate. Though I do miss going to graveyards covered in dense, thick snow. Nothing quite like that experience! Anyhow, here are some neat pictures I took tonight:

The snow may be melting away, the the graves are still lovely.

I love how individual tombstones are. Just like the people buried there.
I have to admit, this was my favourite tombstone .

It had these interesting markings on it. A Viking helmet maybe?

I decided to show it some love. 

Jen trying to read the graves.

This statue was really interesting.

The marker for the statue.

My camera took a few of these weird images. I thought they were neat so I had to show you guys.
Oooo mysterious! Spirits perhaps? Or just the wind picking up flurries...


  1. I love a good "pun" ( and quite a few "bad" ones as well)... Thanks for the "Smile" "Walken in a Winter Wonderland"... that's good


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