Thursday, 21 March 2013

Announcement: Horror Carnival Postponed

I hate to do this, but due to personal events, MJ'S Horror Carnival is going to be postponed for a few weeks. It's his baby, and while I am totally helping him with it, I can't run it for him. We've agreed that our special treat (That I teased out before I was told things) will have to wait dear readers. Hopefully you can forgive us for teasing like that and not being able to deliver right away. Real life has to take front stage sometimes, especially when it comes to family affairs.

Looks like until I move into my new place, things will be rather sparse in the Gory Kingdom. I was hoping MJ'S Horror Carnival could entertain while I packed and such, but alas. Life has it's own plans sometimes that we cannot control.

Either way, once April hits I'll be back with posts, and I hope by then, we can have the Carnival take over the Gory Kingdom. It's sure to be the Greatest Show Unearthed.



  1. Not having a clue who the Mad Jester is, I read your last post as something vaguely alluding to the horror of Michael Jackson...
    But now I'm intrigued and will definitely keep my eyes open for postings on the upcoming Horror Carnival! Hope everyone involved feels better soon.

  2. Don't fret. We'll all be here when the packing dust settles. :)

  3. It's understandable to put it off til its ready!

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