Thursday, 17 October 2013


Today's Movie Marathon Madness was done alone, which is nice when I have had so many people around me lately. I just lay on the couch like a blob after I did my daily chores and actually started really early in the morning while my husband was asleep.

 I watched both episodes of the new American Horror Story, and I can say for a fact I am HOOKED. The show is awesome so far. Coven has it all! From sexy Jessica Lange and Angela Basset, to New Orleans mysticism, to witches and voodoo priestesses, Frankenstein's monster, a Minotaur, and last but not least, Kathy Bates being one twisted, scary bitch.

I am in love. 

And to top it all off, there is a girl in it named QUEENIE who is a human voodoo doll. FUCKING RIGHT BITCHES! REPRESENT! Being one of the rare few who bears such a name, I am pleased to finally see it appear on TV and not be a pet or an old lady. 

AND NEWS FOR MANIACS: You might want to watch my Twitter for my Special Bonus posts! I already posted one for this week...and you can only get the bonus if you find it on my Twitter! Enjoy!

Anyhow, on with the rest of my movie watching summaries...

AMERICAN HORROR STORY:COVEN (2 Ep. 1 hr long/2013)

Kweeny's Rating: Don't mes with Queenie!

Summary: Well as I have already rambled, this show has it all. But it also has some bonuses if you can spot them manics, like the rape scene for one. Most of you on my team already watched the first one when it aired and got the full points for it, so good for you girls! It is well worth watching, and if I wasn't busy I would have watched it when it aired too. Oh well, I am caught up now gang! 

KISS OF THE DAMNED (97 mins/2012)

Kweeny's Rating: Bite me! Bite ME!

Summary: This movie is pretty sexy, but not a single bit of full frontal nudity, even though there is a TON of sex in it. I love sexy vamp movies! And damn everyone in this film is hawt. I do enjoy the scene where he chains her to the bed and watches her change before they have sex though. That was some kinky shit. And this film is pretty bloody. You won't be disappointed, because these vampires don't sparkle at all. They have orgasms and kill stuff.

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