Friday, 18 October 2013


Trying to catch up with my fellow Maniacs, even though I am not getting scored for this. Just part of being a judge I guess. I'm having fun with it, and not pressing myself too hard to watch too much stuff. Probably going to take a break tomorrow and go do a corn maze thing with a friend, which will be delightful! I have never actually done a corn maze. I KNOW I AM AS SHOCKED AS YOU. But it's never been an option so this might prove to be entertaining, or I will have a heart attack and jump some poor sod in a costume for coming at me with a fake chainsaw. Still entertaining for my friend at least.

Here's my movies for today...

BLOOD FOR DRACULA (106 mins/1974)

Kweeny's Rating: Andy Worhol MADNESS.

Summary: Is there a virgin in the house? Just one? Because Dracula is looking pretty sickly. And Dracula is played by poor Udo Kier, who is just having terrible luck finding a virgin. It's like they all fucked their virginity away for this film or something? And seriously, bonus points await you with this one. The full frontal nudity alone will help with that. Plus, if you have me on Twitter, you'd find out that this weekend you get bonus points for this one! Make sure you put my Tweet in your summary to get the points!

SLEEPY HOLLOW: The Series (2 ep. 1hr long/2013)

Kweeny's Rating: Headless Fun!

Summary: Not sure I am totally sold on this show yet, but it does seem to get cooler as I watch more episodes, so that's a plus. No bonuses, as it's on FOX and not somewhere like FX. But for a FOX show it's pretty good. I'm enjoying the new spin on the story, and there are neat creature effects. They use the CGI sparingly in favor of practical effects, which gives me more respect for the show.


Kweeny's Rating: More Andy Worhal Madness!

Summary: Another film with the smexy  Udo Kier in it, this time he's trying to make a super-race, which honestly turns out to be creatures he's made for sex. Yup. This Dr. Frankenstein is a little kinky. Hopefully Maniacs have already watched this one during the BAD NETFLIX night last weekend, but if not you can still get bonus points for surgical proceedures!

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